Monty is a supporting character in the game Dirk Valentine. He is a British intelligence agent who invented Dirk's signature chain cannon.


Monty appears as an old man with a bald forehead and hair more towards the back. He wears glasses and has a long mustache.

Game information

Monty serves as a guide to Dirk through the use of transmissions. In earlier levels, he instructs and introduces new elements of the game to the player. Other times, he will try to make conversation with Dirk.


Monty constructed Dirk's chain cannon, and communicated to him to help Dirk in his journey to rescue Queen Victoria. When Dirk saved the Queen, and the fortress of steam was destroyed, Monty became a millionaire selling his chain cannon to construction companies.


Final Ninja Zero

A message from Monty to Dirk appears in Final Ninja Zero on levels fifteen and eighteen. How it is intercepted is unknown, as Dirk Valentine is set nearly two hundred years before Final Ninja Zero.


  • Spoiler
    In the game's ending, it states that Monty began making chain guns. It is not known whether the chain guns he began making are the same as the chain gun used in Rubble Trouble New York (although Ivan - the character who discovered the Rubble Trouble chain gun - says he said it fell of a lorry (British word for truck))
  • In level one, Monty say that "If Battenberg's listening in, damned if I'm going to let him muck it all up." This is the only time a character in a Nitrome game uses a word that can be taken as offensive. This is not the only time the word "damn" is used, though. Akuma said it on the level of Final Ninja Zero that involves the corruption of the cyber samurai, and the Nitrome Boss says it on level two of Super Stock Take.

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