The Moon[2] is the main character in the games Cheese Dreams and New Moon.


The Moon is yellow, and made of cheese. It has freckles, white eyes, and small buckteeth; it appears to be frowning. The Moon is seen to sleep during the night, watching over earth.

Game information

Cheese Dreams series

In the Cheese Dreams series, the moon was swallowed up by the S. S. Squeakstar. Because of the low gravity in the ship, the moon bounced around.

Penguin 1

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The moon eventually made it out of the S. S. Squeakstar, only to have the ship and him swallowed up together by a larger cat ship.

The Moon bounces while in the mouse ship. It can bounce rather high, and has the ability to bounce over space mice. The moon is heavy enough to push switches down, and can only touch hazards or enemies three times before it falls apart and dies. Melted cheese will instantly kill it.

Nitrome Must Die

The moon appears on floor 20, alongside the Parasite as the second boss in Nitrome Must Die. The Moon is very large, and at the start of the level becomes enslaved by the Parasite, who drops down from the start of the stage. The Parasite controls the Moon, thus the Parasite is really the boss and the Moon is its slave. When the Moon is enslaved green goo starts to drip from it's mouth and its eyes are green.


The Moon fires green bullets out of its mouth, rotating around to always face the player. The weak point of the boss is the Parasite, which the Moon tries to keep away from the player by adjusting to the player's movements.
After the boss' health bar reaches 2/3rds, the moon will become crazy for a moment, spinning around out of control and firing waves of bullets at a fast pace. After this special attack is over, the boss will settle down and go back to its usual routine of rotating to fire at the player.
When its health reaches 1/3rd, the Moon will perform his special attack once more, after which the boss will start moving towards the player, leaving the center of the room. When its health is entirely depleted, the boss will explode.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon


While the Moon was sleeping somewhere above Earth, the S. S. Squeakstar came to swallow the Moon. The Moon found himself in a cell bouncing around inside the ship that looked bigger than it did on the outside. He realized that he was captured for cheese. He eventually found other planets were captured in the ship for the same thing and led them to escape. 

He got to the core reactor to find out that the Sun was captured to power the ship.

Penguin 1

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The Sun, after being released, destroyed the the ship and escaped as well. As for what happened the moon is still a mystery as he is still missing.
CD2 ending

The ending of Cheese Dreams New Moon

Game information

Same with Cheese Dreams, the Moon bounces in the ship but this time he can defeat the space mice by bouncing on their heads, not at the sides of the mouse, to break their helmet and jumping on them again to kill them.

When the Moon is harmed, stars are seen going around his head. As the stars disappear, the Moon gains more health until reaching full health again. Touching any hazard two times consecutively will result in death. Melted cheese results in instant death upon contact.


Cheese Dreams
Cosmic Cannon
Cheese Dreams: New Moon
Moon C.C
The Moon NMD Not Infected
Moon 2

Other appearances

  • Small Fry - The Moon can be seen sometimes in the background of Small Fry.
  • Cosmic Cannon - The Moon will frequently be shot from the cannon the player controls.
  • Chisel 2 - One level in Chisel 2 takes place on the Moon, where two groups of bomb crabs move clockwise. The level is almost completely the same as level seven of Chisel.
    In the ending of Chisel 2, the Moon is shown, half completed.
  • Retro skin - The Moon appears being launched out of a pipe.
  • Party skin - The Moon appears, with the astronaut sitting on its head.



Moon cheese

The moon cheese

  • During his boss fight in Nitrome Must Die, the Moon doesn't have a damaging hitbox when doing his special bullet attack. This allows the player to escape the attack by going through the moon without getting injured.
  • Sometimes in Nitrome Must Die, when the player hits the Parasite enough, the Moon shakes and never shoots again. This is useful because the player can go up and kill the Moon easily.
  • In level five of Cheese Dreams: New Moon, the Moon is introduced to the S.S. Squeakstar's power system, which melts cheese on a conveyor belt for fuel. One of the cheeses on the conveyor belt is moon cheese, which has the Moon's face on it.


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