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This article is about mosquitoes from Bad Ice-Cream. For mosquitoes from Canopy, please see Mosquitoes (Canopy).

Mosquitoes are enemies in the game Bad Ice-Cream 2 and Bad Ice-Cream 3.


Mosquitoes look like a green bug with a pair of cyan wings and a quite big, green proboscis on their fronts. They also, like most enemies in Bad Ice-Cream, have an uni-brow and appear to be frowning. When in air, several hairs can be seen on their backs.

Game information

Mosquitoes fly around above the ground, chasing the ice cream characters around slowly. Every few seconds, the mosquito will fall asleep and fall to the ground for a while, then fly back up.  When an ice cream scoop gets under a mosquito, the mosquito will suck it up, swelling up to nearly two times their size. They will then return to their normal size, presumably swallowing the ice cream, and kill it by doing so. Mosquitoes will then become happy after eating an ice cream character. Mosquitoes, however, have a few weaknesses. First, is their slow speed. Second, they cannot eat the ice creams when the ice cream is in a pipe. They also cannot use teleporters.