Mr. Gobbles[1] are enemies in Dangle, as well as in Nitrome Must Die. Mr. Gobbles are completely made of liquid, and can also spawn gobble spawns out of its body.



Mr. Gobble creating a gobble spawn

Mr. Gobbles appear as worm like creatures, having a upside down U shaped body; its body is turquoise. They have two black eyes and a mouth that has buck teeth.

Game info


Mr. Gobbles first appear on level eight of Dangle. They walk horizontally on the platform they are on, turning at walls and other platforms. They have no attack, and thus pose no threat to the spider. However, they possess a special ability.

If the spider's webbing string goes through a Mr. Gobbles, and stays there for a set length of time, a gobble spawn will form on the spider's webbing.

Mr. Gobbles serve no other purpose than to create gobble spawns. Coming in contact with a Mr. Gobbles will only subtract one heart from the spider's health, and not pass a droplet.


Mr. Gobble in NMD

Nitrome Must Die

Mr. Gobbles behave the same in Nitrome Must Die as they do in Dangle, with a few alterations. Mr. Gobbles will often spawn gobble spawns from their legs, which they do by lifting up their leg and letting a gobble spawn crawl out.

If the player times their shooting, they can stop an eater droplet from spawning. Mr. Gobbles are easily destroyed, and exist mainly to spawn enemies (which was one of their main reasons in Dangle, also).


  1. Named only in the game's code.

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