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Mr. Snips[1] are enemies in the games Dangle and Nitrome Must Die.


Mr. Snips has a round, pink body with four small feet. They have two small eyes, a mouth with sharp teeth, and two pink claws on either side of their body. Mr. Snips bears a slight resemblance to winghead doodles.

Game information


In Dangle, Mr. Snips walks horizontally on a platform, always turning at ledges or walls. If the spider is close to Mr. Snips when descending, Mr. Snips will extend one of their claws out towards the spider by a certain length.

If their claw manages to touch the spider's webbing, it will be cut and cause a game over as the spider will be dropped out of the screen. Touching Mr. Snips will cost the spider one heart.

Nitrome Must Die

NMD Mr. Snips

Mr. Snips in Nitrome Must Die

A few Mr. Snips appear in Nitrome Must Die. Mr. Snips has a similar appearance and behaviour as they do in Dangle. They walk horizontally, turning at walls and ledges, and will extend one arm towards the player when they are near.

Other appearances


  1. Named only in the game's code.

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