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This article is about narwhals from Bad Ice-Cream 2. For narwhals from Snow Drift, please see Narwhals (Snow Drift).

Narwhals are enemies in the games Bad Ice-Cream 2 and Bad Ice-Cream 3.


Narwhals are blue oval shaped creatures with four legs, a dark brown unibrow, and a horn. Its horn is grey with diagonal stripes of grey-blue.

Game information

Narwhals charge when they see the ice cream characters and they can break through ice. If they come in contact with an ice cream character, then the ice cream character will melt. Narwhals can also be seen walking around the level area.

Narwhals have the same behaviour as log men, though unlike log men narwhals but can follow the player and also destroy ice blocks. The narwhals' horn can sometimes cause them to get stuck in walls.