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Nitrome 2.0
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Released August 25th 2011
Skin No. 11
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Nitrome 2.0 is the eleventh skin released on The skin was released on August 25th 2011, and was released along with the Nitrome 2.0 version of the site.


The skin contains a bridge, where the Cactus Men can be seen in their Handcart Truck, near the Mecha Saur from Rubble Trouble Tokyo near the Demolition Crew (more exactly Barry, 2 Larrys, Garry and the Boss) from the Rubble Trouble Series relocating a part of the bridge with the helicopter using Grabber. In a part of the bridge is a race, where the bearded man, Guard Dog, a small legged blob, Turner, the princess, King Frog and a Henchmen (maybe Enemy 585) appear in Karts. They Karts have just 4 wheels and a steering-wheel, while others lack a steering-wheel. Turner doesn't have a steering wheel, and some Karts have a steering Wheel but it is hard to see.

On one hill, the raccoon (Fighting Game version) is sitting down playing on an NES with the Turbo Controller . The sea has islands which have buildings, One is "Nitrome Towers", which has a giant parasite climbing it with Princess Nectarine in one tentacle. On the other island is a tower with a knight from Knight Trap and enemies from Knight Trap, with the Knight attempting to scale the tower. Another building has Sleepwalkers who are waling out of a Portal; on top of the building is a chick from Chick Flick.

On another island is a giant venus fly trap (Super Feed Me version) escaping Plume by breaking the glass. A nearby hill has leeches from Super Feed Me in a desert zone. In between the two hills is a pipe, and a previously unidentified character (revealed to be swindler) hangs from it. Next to Plume are two ships, one ship with the pirate flag on the right that holds two squirrels from Chick Flick, and the one on the left which have pirates from Mutiny.

In on the Bridge is many cars made to look like other Nitrome Characters. One car has the Monkey on the back, who is infested with Beetles. Many buildings are seen around the area, two buildings that looks like Magneboy and one what looks like a Henchmen. A lot of characters appear as trucks. For example, Chiseler and Zapo. A hill looks like repaired by the Chiseler after it was destroyed. This is a reference to the ending of Chisel 2 game.


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Nitrome20SkinThe cactus men from Off the RailsThe cactus men from Off the RailsA giant sample from the Toxic seriesA truck resembling the Hazmat hero from the Toxic seriesTurner from Enemy 585The bearded man from Enemy 585King frog from Enemy 585A small legged blob from Enemy 585The bearded man's guard dog from Enemy 585Enemy 585 from the game with the same nameThe princess from Enemy 585A car in the shape of the yellow Triclopian soldier from BulletheadA truck in the from of Zapo from Fault LineA truck in the shape of Chiseler from the Chisel seriesA car in the shape of the stretchy dog from Silly SausageThe tank from Tanked UpA car in the shape of a rabbit from DropletsFlash cat from the game with the same nameThe caterpillar from Flash CatA beetle from CanopyA beetle from CanopyA beetle from CanopyCanopy from the game with the same nameBoss from the Rubble Trouble seriesGarry from the Rubble Trouble seriesLarry and his brother from the Rubble Trouble seriesBarry from the Rubble Trouble seriesThe helicopter from the Rubble Trouble seriesA car in the shape of the orange angel from the Twin Shot seriesA mecha saur from Rubble Trouble TokyoAn octopus from Hot AirAn octopus from Hot AirAn octopus from Hot AirA duck from FlightlessA tree from B.C. Bow ContestA tree from B.C. Bow ContestA red pirate from MutinyA red pirate from MutinyThe red pirate captain from MutinyThe unreleased game SurfaceA squirrel from Chick FlickA squirrel from Chick FlickBlue from the Test Subject seriesA dodge orange enzyme from Test Subject BlueA walking orange enzyme from Test Subject BlueA satellite dish with Cuboy's faceCuboy's face on the front of Nitrome TowersCanary 214-LE from the game CanaryA house in the shape of Magneboy from the game with the same namePrincess Nectarine from Knight TrapThe parasite from the game with the same nameThe face of a red line from TwangNitrome Towers itselfA turbo controller for the NESThe Nitrome Enjoyment System consoleA bulkier version of the raccoon from The BucketAn executive from Nitrome Must DieAn employee from Nitrome Must DieAn employee from Nitrome Must DieSwindler from the game with the same nameA building in the shape of a henchman from Enemy 585Some sushiThe Venus fly trap from the Feed Me seriesPlume from the Feed Me seriesA leech from Super Feed MeA sleepwalker from SandmanA sleepwalker from SandmanA sleepwalker from SandmanA sleepwalker from SandmanA portal from SandmanA bunch of sand from SandmanHot Air from the game with the same nameA knight from Knight TrapA chick from Chick FlickA saw trap from Knight TrapA bat trap from Knight TrapA spike trap from Knight TrapA slime trap from Knight Trap


Hidden avatar gift

On April 19 2014, Nitrome hid an avatar gift in the Nitrome 2.0 skin, obtainable only by those who had a Nitrome account. Clicking the gift grants the viewer an avatar.


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Characters in the skin


  • The Parasite scaling Nitrome Towers with Princess Nectarine in his hand is a reference to King Kong.
  • The several Enemy 585 characters in mini Go-karts is a reference to Mario Kart. The banana peels and star are also a reference to items from the series.
  • The skin blends elements from the Classic Skin and modern Nitrome games, along with buildings, highways, and newer Nitrome characters.
  • It is possible to have the Skin displayed in v1.1 of by typing in the URL into the URL Bar. This only works if the Nitrome website has not already switches to the 2.0 version.
  • Nitrome Must Die and Swindler appear in this skin before their game debut.
  • The squirrels from chick flick appear in the skin with the same boat they used in Classic skin.
Balloons Inc. is a reference to the ending of Mega Mash, where Balloon starts a company titled "Balloons Inc.".

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