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For the website, see Nitrome Must Die website.
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Nitrome Must Die is a platform-shooter released on November 24, 2011 as Nitrome's one hundredth game. The game stars the two characters Austin Carter and Justin Bennet; these characters also debut in this game. Nitrome told fans they were making the 100th game on November 1st, 2011, along with the release of a video preview for the game on November 7th 2011. This game was silently made a distributable game before August 12th, 2013[citation needed].

Default controls

Player 1:
Move - W keyA keyS keyD key

Shoot - Q key

Player 2:
Move - UpLeftDownRight

Shoot - Slash key

Players can change their controls by clicking a control and changing it in the player selection screen.


In Nitrome Must Die, there are ten level sets. Each level set the player plays has ten floors, the third and sixth which are challenge levels, and the tenth, in which has a boss fight. The remaining levels in between are regular levels, where the player has to eliminate all enemies to advance. The goal of each level is to kill every enemy on the level that will appear, using several weapons that appear on the screen to their advantage.

When playing a level set, the level set is randomized so that the player will always play that level set's levels in a random order, with the exception of the third; sixth; and tenth level, which are always the same. Though the player plays only ten randomly selected levels in each level set, each level set has more than ten selectable levels, creating the possibility of experiencing different level across multiple plays of a level set.[1]

Although the two are cooperating, there is a competition for the coins, like in all the multiplayer Nitrome games. When playing in the two player mode, if one of the players is knocked out, the live player can resurrect the dead one by standing beside them and pressing the down button on their keyboard. As it is the 100th Nitrome game, the levels' enemies and bosses - as some of the weapons - recall older Nitrome games.

NMD gp1

Nitrome Must Die gameplay (level one, single player)


There are 102 levels in Nitrome Must Die:

  • 70 regular levels
  • 20 challenge levels
  • 9 boss fights (not including the final boss)
  • 3 levels (100 - 102) fighting the Boss of Nitrome Towers, the final boss

Challenge levels

In challenge levels, the main objective is to kill all the enemies in the level until none remain. The difference between challenge and normal levels is that the player can only use one weapon and has an infinite supply of ammunition. The player must take advantage of that weapon to kill the enemies. After the challenge level is completed, the player regains the same weapon and ammo they had from the previous normal level.


After getting another 'Game Over' on another Nitrome game, Austin starts chatting with Justin, sharing their rage together against Nitrome. During the chat, Justin mentions "Wishing someone could shut them down for good". Austin thinks and asks Justin if they really should and Justin responds quickly and tells them to meet outside Austin's house.

Austin ends the chat with "NITROME MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!111", then pounding the desk hard and heading outside. Then, meeting up with Justin, the two friends ride their bicycles to the high-security Nitrome Towers. Upon arriving, Justin accidentally crashes into the trash cans outside the building, revealing some weapons for them to use. They both enter the building to shut down Nitrome for good. However, an employee spots the two intruders on the security cameras and starts using a machine (called a Charomat) to bring characters from past Nitrome games to life, in hopes of killing the two.
Note: All levels ending in 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 are selected by the game to be played in random order. The order those levels described in each set will likely not match the order you play them in.

Floor 0

Floor Zero acts as the second intro to the game. Austin and Justin enter Nitrome Towers, and enter an elevator. An employee sees them on the security screen, and then uses a Charomat to bring back Nitrome characters from past Nitrome games.

Set 1: Level 1-10

Levels 1-9

Level 10

Boss Enemy: Nose & Snot
Initial Weapon: Pistol
Upon entering the room, the player encounters the giant metal nose from Snot Put, which will launch blobs of snot at the player. The player can shoot the blobs to splat them before they hit Austin or Justin, which deals damage. The nose will also move up and down the wall, trying to get a better position to hit the player. To defeat the nose, the player must continuously shoot it. Once the nose is destroyed, it leaves behind multiple coins, which the player can collect before proceeding to the next level.

Set 2: Level 11-20

Levels 11-19

Level 20

Boss Enemy: Parasite & The Moon
Initial Weapon: Machine Gun
Parasite is the weak point.

Phase 1: The Moon will aim at either Austin or Justin and shoot green blobs at them.

Phase 2: The Moon will now move up and down, trying to get a better position to hit them.

Phase 3: The moon will now move towards Austin or Justin, whoever is closer, in which they will need to move quickly.

Click [show] to see this video
Nitrome Must Die level 20

Nitrome Must Die level 20

Set 3: Level 21-30

Levels 21-29

Level 30

Boss Enemy:
First Phase: Big Daddy
Second Phase: Crusher Guardian
Last Phase: Squish Blocks (Enemy 585)
No Initial Weapon

Click [show] to see this video
Nitrome Must Die level 30

Nitrome Must Die level 30

Set 31-40

Levels 31-39


Boss Enemy: Blue and Scientist
Initial Weapon: Fireball

Phase 1: Blue will occasionally shoot at Justin or Austin. Shooting Blue's shots will make them go away.

Phase 2: Blue will now shoot many times.

Phase 3: Blue will be pulled back by the Scientist from time to time and Blue has upgraded in to being a gatling gun.

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Nitrome Must Die level 40

Nitrome Must Die level 40

Set 4: Level 41-50


Enemies: 40 Guards


Enemies: 2 Employees (1 Pistol, 1 Shotgun), 1 Boss(Employees) (1 Machine Gun) & 1 Executive (Employees) (1 Rocket)


Challenge Level
Enemies: 7 Red Enemies,1 Green Lizards,1 Black Dragons (Yin Yang) & 1 White Dragons (Yin Yang)
Weapon: Spring


Enemies: 100 Small Legged Blob


Enemies: 30 Penguin on Sled


Challenge Level
Enemies: 13 Skywire Bees & 32 Drills
Weapon: Bullethead


Enemies: 3 Baby Octopus Robot, 10 Walking Robot & 8 Dragon (Twin Shot)


Enemies: 4 Brown Miners & 4 Red Miners


Enemies: 20 Helmet dark creatures


Boss Enemy: Angry Heads
Initial Weapon: Machine Gun

Set 6: Level 51-60


Enemies: 3 Two Headed Cerberus & 31 Small Legged Blob
Hazards: Laser Gun Traps


Enemies: 5 Nipbots & 11 Dragon (Twin Shot)


Challenge Level
Enemies: 25 Dark creatures
Weapon: Mine


Enemies: 30 Dark creatures


Enemies: 11 Drills, 20 Henchmen & 3 Employees (1 Penguin, 2 Pistol), 1 Boss (Employees) (1 Rocket) & 1 Executive (Employees) (1 Rocket)


Challenge Level
Enemies: 3 Pink Crab
Weapon: Twin Shot Arrow


Enemies: 7 Furry Creatures, 1 Blue Worms that spawns Eater Droplet, 6 Guard, 2 Employees (1 BC Arrow, 1 Molotov) & 1 Boss (Employees) (1 Pistol)


Enemies: 50 Mr. Nibbles


Enemies: 20 Furry creatures
Hazards: Tripwire lasers


Boss Enemy: Fat Cat & Owl
Initial Weapon: Machine Gun

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Nitrome must die 51-60 part 4 boss

Nitrome must die 51-60 part 4 boss

Set 7: Level 61-70


Enemies: 20 Knights (Castle Corp)


Enemies: 16 Grey Creatures, 3 Employees (1 Pistol, 1 Shotgun, 1 Machine Gun) & 1 Boss (Employees) carried by 1 Employees (Both have Shotgun)


Challenge Level
Enemies: 2 Big green creatures that spawns small green creatures & red eyeballs, 4 Drills, 8 Alien saucers & 30 Octopuses
Weapon: Bullethead


Enemies: 6 drills, 2 big green creatures that spawns small green creatures & red eyeballs, 2 employees (1 BC Arrow, 1 Pistol) & 1 Executive (employees) (1 Rocket)


Enemies: 18 Octopuses


Challenge Level
Enemies: 30 Mr. Nibbles
Hazards: Wrecking Ball
Weapon: Machine Gun


Enemies: 49 Flies
Hazards:Wrecking Ball


Enemies: 35 Furry Creatures


Enemies: 40 Octopuses


Boss Enemy: Red Warthog Serpent
Initial Weapon: Machine Gun

Set 8: Level 71-80


Enemies: 10 Warlock


Enemies: 4 Baby Octopus Robot & 10 Walking Robot


Challenge Level
Enemies: 30 Octopuses
Weapon: Dragon Ball


Enemies: 5 furry creatures & 4 Electric alien rods


Enemies: 9 Green trolls & 9 Blue trolls


Challenge Level
Enemies: 12 Employees (8 Shotgun, 4 Rocket), 1 Boss (Employees) (1 Rocket) & 1 Executive (Employees) (1 Rocket)
Weapon: Rocket


Enemies: 44 red eyeballs
Hazards: Tripwire lasers


Enemies: 10 Red Enemies, 7 Green Lizards & 4 Pink Crab


Enemies: 35 Small Ape


Boss Enemy: Mecha Saur
Initial Weapon: Shot Gun

Set 9: Level 81-90


Enemies: 15 Green Trolls


Enemies: 71 Octopuses


Challenge Level
Enemies: 30 Furry Creatures & 1 Boss (Employees) (1 Rocket)
Hazards: Tripwire lasers

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Nitrome Must Die - Challenge Level 17 Level 83

Nitrome Must Die - Challenge Level 17 Level 83


Enemies: 16 Henchmen & 15 Orange Squid
Hazards:Boulders (Knight Trap)


Enemies: 5 Big Green Creatures that spawns small green creatures & red eyeballs & 14 Octopuses
Hazards:Wrecking Ball


Challenge Level
Enemies: 200 Slime traps
Weapon:Homing Missile

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Nitrome Must Die - Challenge Level 18 Level 86

Nitrome Must Die - Challenge Level 18 Level 86


Enemies: 4 Baby Octopus Robot & 19 Grey Creatures
Hazards:Laser Gun Traps


Enemies: 4 Rider dark creatures rode by Executive (Employees) (4 Pistol after Purple Pig death)


Enemies: 2 Poly, 2 Green Lizards, 6 Guard, 6 Henchmen, 1 yellow Triclopians & 1 red Triclopians


Boss Enemy: Tanks (Steamlands)
Initial Weapon: Mini Gun

Set 10: Level 91-100


Enemies: 6 Red Enemies, 52 Small Legged Blob, 51 Guard & 20 Dragon (Twin Shot)


Enemies: 2 Hot Air Balloon & 24 Octopuses


Challenge Level
Enemies: 30 Octopuses
Hazards:Wrecking Ball
Weapon:Machine Gun

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Nitrome Must Die - Challenge Level 19 Level 93

Nitrome Must Die - Challenge Level 19 Level 93


Enemies: 25 Skywire Bees


Enemies: 15 Hot Air Balloon
Hazards: Wrecking Ball


(Danger: There is a infinite elevator glitch on this level, the player having a 25% chance of passing this glitch.)
Challenge Level
Enemies: 1 Blue Worms that spawns Eater Droplet
Hazards:Tripwire lasers & Boulders (Knight Trap)
Weapon: Molotov


Enemies: 6 Blue Worms that spawns Eater Droplet


Enemies: 5 Blue Worms that spawns Eater Droplet, 1 Electric Alien Rods, 3 Skywire Bees & 10 Octopuses


Enemies: 5 Red Enemies, 1 Blue Worms that spawns Eater Droplet & 21 Jumping ball towers
Hazards:Tripwire lasers & Boulders (Knight Trap)

BOSS (Set 11: Level 100-101)


Penguin 1

This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open the box.

Main article: Nitrome Boss (Nitrome Must Die)#Inside

Boss Enemy: Nitrome Boss
First Phase: Nitrome Boss (Nitrome)
Second Phase: Nitrome Boss (Rocket), 2 Employees (1 Barrel, 1 Shotgun) & 1 Boss(Employees) (1 Pistol)
Last Phase: Nitrome Boss (Homing Missile), 2 Employees (1 Penguin, 1 BC Arrow), 1 Boss(Employees) carried by 1 Employees (Boss has Machine Gun & Employees has Pistol) & 1 Executive(Employees) (1 Pistol)
Initial Weapon: Pistol


Penguin 1

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Main article: Nitrome Boss (Nitrome Must Die)#Cuboy machine

Boss Enemy: Nitrome Boss in the Cuboy Machine
(Wait for the Bang Weapon to finish him off.)
The player takes the battle to the rooftop. They should avoid the Cuboy Machine's attacks and wait for the Bang gun to appear. When it appears, obtain and fire it.

Last Part

Penguin 1

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Main article: Nitrome Boss (Nitrome Must Die)#Escape pod

Boss Enemy: Nitrome Boss rode in the Escape Pod
Weapon: Rocket
The player is falling down to the bottom of Nitrome Towers. They have to manoeuvre around in the wreckage and try to shoot the Nitrome Boss in his Escape Pod. The player is armed with infinite Rockets, and they only have 100 seconds to do the job. Two Health Crates are spawned in the battle.


Penguin 1

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The Nitrome Boss falls with his ship and hits the floor. The letters N I T R M E fall and four enemies fall and hits the letter, then falls the O letter on the boss make that makes a mega explosion, some coins and a hill of cash appear. first the two weapons fall and bounce off the screen, then Austin and Justin fall into the hill of cash. (Many money bags behind the computer can be seen.) A few days later, Austin searches for, but it comes up as "HTTP.//WWW.NITROME.COM" COULD NOT BE FOUND. He then begins to chat with his friend over the Internet, and the two friends decide to make their own game making studio.
Nitrome Must Die - Ending

Nitrome Must Die - Ending


Main Article: Gun (Nitrome Must Die)

Nitrome Must Die has thirty-nine weapons, despite being said to have forty. Below is a list of them:

  1. Out of Ammo
  2. Shot Gun
  3. Pistol
  4. Machine Gun
  5. Sucker Punch
  6. Chisel
  7. Mini Gun
  8. Boomerang
  9. BC Arrow
  10. Nitrome
  11. Penguin
  12. Pea Shooter
  13. Motolov
  14. Bullethead
  15. Mine
  16. Nanobot
  17. Homing Missile
  18. Buzzsaw
  19. Helmet
  20. Rocket
  21. Ninja Star
  22. Fireball
  23. Slap
  24. Cluster Bomb
  25. Twin Shot Arrow
  26. Toast
  27. Three Way
  28. Barrel
  29. Dragon Ball
  30. Fart
  31. Mega Laser
  32. Points
  33. Canary
  34. Banana Bomb
  35. Bang
  36. Pixel Gun
  37. Bubble
  38. Spring
  39. Nitro


Bosses are encountered on every tenth floor (10, 20, 30, etc.)

Penguin 1

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Nmd scoring

The scores at the end of a level

Nitrome Must Die has a unique scoring system. Upon completing a level, the player is given the option to bank their score (save it) or gamble it. When they gamble their score, they multiply there score by how many levels they completed at that point without dying. For example, the player completes three levels without dying, the multiplier is 3. If they at any time die, the multiplier will drop down to 0, going back to 1 once the player completes the level. When the player gambles their score, they cannot save it until the next level. If the player at any time dies, they lose their gambled score.

During 2-player, the player who completes the level with the highest score is deemed the winner, and the lowest, the loser.


November 1, 2011

Nitrome announced the game was being worked on, and also provided an image that read 100th game. The image was not part of the game at all.

The image

November 3, 2011

Nitrome said that the game isn't a prequel or sequel of any game, and they say also that Steamlands Player Pack isn't counted as a game.[2]

November 4, 2011

Nitrome brought attention to the hate site, which later turned out to be part of their advertising campaign.

November 7, 2011

Nitrome thank their fans for support against the hate website, and share a link to a petition against Nitrome Must Die, set up by John Niemann, and share a photoshopped screenshot of the hate website, made by Matthew Killick, turning their non-existent haters' text against them

November 8, 2011

Nitrome released a trailer for the game, consisting of the opening of the game and list of the features it will have.

Nitrome Must Die Preview

Nitrome Must Die Preview

The video

November 22nd, 2011

Nitrome released a preview image of the game:

NMD Teaser

The Preview Image

November 23rd

Nitrome announced how the "unique scoring system" would work, along with provid walkthroughing the below picture to show what the end of level screen would be.

Nmd scoring

The image


See also: Nitrome Must Die/Glitches


Nitrome Must Die was hinted in the Nitrome 2.0 skin, which was released on August 25 2013. Nitrome Must Die was Nitrome's 100th games, and to celebrate this Nitrome wanted to surprise their fans so they planned to start a fake hate campaign that would tie-in to the idea of Nitrome Must Die and lead up to its reveal[3].

Nitrome created Facebook accounts for Austin Carter and Justin Bennet and tried to establish them as trolls on Nitrome's Facebook page[4], these two posting troll-like comments between November 1-7[5]. The Nitrome Must Die website was launched on November, 3 2012, purportedly by the two, as a petition to get to Nitrome stop making games[6]. Nitrome posted about this the following day, expressing sadness in its creation[6].

Nitrome received a lot of support from Nitromians regarding the petition, Nitrome sharing some examples of these on their blog[7]. Nitrome Must Die was finally revealed on November 8 2011, this revealing the previous hate campaign was a hoax[8]. A preview of the game was posted on November 22 2011 sharing a screenshot and also how the game was very close to completion[9]. Another preview, this time covering the game's score system, was posted on November 23 2011[10], and the game was released the following day on November 24 2011[11].

Post release, updates were posted to fix bugs in it and clarify certain confusing parts of the game[12][13][14].

Nitrome Must Die took almost as long as Steamlands to make, Steamlands being Nitrome's longest developed project at the time[15] and having taken six to nine months to make[16]. It was due to the long amount of time spent in development that Nitrome Must Die ended up being made at a loss[17].

Nitrome Must Die was tested as a Nitrome Touchy compatible game, with a controller setup consisting of buttons and most likely a d-pad, but this setup did not work well. This was due to the fast paced nature of the game not performing well with virtual buttons, which actually made the game awkward and harder to play[18][19]. As with Roly Poly, Nitrome did not discount that they would ever return to trying to make the game compatible[18].

Beta elements

Pre release

The trailer for Nitrome Must Die states that there will be "over 40 weapons", when, upon release, there are only thirty-nine. This shows that either certain weapons were cut from the game, or Nitrome rounded the number of weapons.

On Pocket Gamer's studio profile of Nitrome, Nitrome provided an image of Nitrome Must die which showed two Austin Carters on the rooftop of Nitrome Towers fighting an employee. These Austin Carters appeared running and shooting at the same time, different from what is in the final game.

Further more, the left Austin Carter is firing to the right while moving to the left, an absent feature in the game. Also, the guns appear differently.

Unused content


Under "/shapes/DefineShape2 (6048)" to "/shapes/DefineShape2 (6052)" are images of muzzle fire from the robotic squids from Toxic. While robotic squids have muzzle fire in Toxic, they lack this in Nitrome Must Die.


The following scenery is found under /shapes, /images, and /sprites, with the name of each file given in the below gallery for where they are found in /shapes.

Under the folder shapes are four frames (/shapes/DefineShape (2486), /shapes/DefineShape (2490), /shapes/DefineShape (2492), and /shapes/DefineShape (2494)), each which has the shadows of three employees. Each frame has one employee closing their eyes. The animation for this scenery (found in /sprites at "DefineSprite (3040: bg_anim_5)") has the unused quarantine scenery ("/shapes/DefineShape (2584)") placed over this animation.

The unused quarantine cage was intended to be placed over the animation of the b

Unused enemies

Under /shapes/DefineShape (6794) to /shapes/DefineShape (6826) exists sprites of an employee riding a dark creature.

Under /shapes/DefineShape (6570) to /shapes/DefineShape (6614) is sprites of the helmet dark creature with a blue crest who is wearing a Spartan helmet. The name of this image is "BlackBeanHelmet".


Site/Event Year Contest Prize Outcome
Jay is Games 2012 Best of Casual Gameplay 2011 Best Shooter game of 2011 (Browser games) Nominated - Fourth place


  • In the teaser video, Austin Carter is playing on 1.5 with the Classic skin selected. The game he plays has a background that has the appearance of the background of the menu of Nitrome Enjoyment System games.
  • Austin's computer has many cameos. At the upper right corner of his monitor, it says: Almost VGA 214-LE making a reference to Canary. Another one is that in the advertisement section, it says: Exiting Career Opportunities!! Corp Inc. Making a reference to Office Trap. At the left side of the Nitrome website, the newest game is Rubble Trouble Tokyo.
    • However, in their chat, they say that they were playing the latest game, despite the newest game they're playing having an NES background and the current newest game being Rubble Trouble Tokyo.
  • The game was hinted in the Nitrome 2.0 skin, as three employees appeared on a hill in the skin.
  • Throughout the game, it is shown that the in-game company called Nitrome is evil, overworking and torturing their employees. This can be seen on the wall signs and objects in several levels.
    • Levels tend to feature humorous art on the walls, including:
    • A chalkboard that reads "Game with Cats, Game with blobs, you have only 8 hours!" (this might refer to Office Trap). This also probably refers to the fact that there are three Nitrome games with cats as the main character (Fat Cat, Flash Cat, and Rockitty), as well as three with blobs of goo as characters (the entire Test Subject series).
      • Ironically, nearly two years afterward, Nitrome did make a game involving cats and blobs, that game being Oodlegobs.
    • A picture of "Failure of the Month", which shows a usual employee, and "Hard Worker of the Month", which shows a Employees with no flesh on his head and torso, and finally, "Motivator of the Month", man with an eye-patch, cane, scar, and an old-time biker outfit, complete with a cruel smile.
    • Throughout the game, there is a rack with tools that read "Employee Motivators". The rack consists of one pitchfork/trident, a joint with a boot on it, a whip, and four cattle prods.
    • Commonly there are three garbage cans grouped together, one for Toxic material, one for garbage, and one for "Fan Mail".
    • In certain levels, there are men's bathrooms, women's bathrooms, and monsters' bathrooms, yet despite all employees all being male, human, and the only ones to use doors, (monsters use pipes) an employee could come out of any of these doors.
    • In levels where the player has to fight employees, there are usually two doors, one labelled "Torture", the other "Surgery". One level has a door that is referencing Cold Storage, complete with the yeti on it.
    • Some computer seats are toilets and even have toilet paper holders on desks meaning that the employees are not even allowed to have toilet breaks.
  • The challenge level on level 86 holds the record for the most enemies in Nitrome Must Die, pitting the player against 200 slimes. The second level with the most enemy count is one level which has 150 orange squids.
  • In one of the levels from floors 81-90, the two main characters from Rainbogeddon appear.
  • Nitrome Must Die is the second Nitrome game to have more than one ending, followed by Hot Air Jr and changeType() and after Double Edged.
  • The grey creatures from Rainbogeddon are the only enemies in Nitrome Must Die that were from an unreleased game, as Rainbogeddon was released after Nitrome Must Die.
  • The game is Nitrome's 100th game, and currently the largest non-premium Nitrome game so far, having 102 levels. Twin Shot 2 is the second largest with 100 levels, 50 of which were premium.
  • Nitrome Must Die is similar to what Robot Chicken did for its 100th episode.
  • Despite Nitrome Must Die being Nitrome's largest Flash game, and consisting of one hundred levels (the game's amount of levels based off the numerical number of Flash games Nitrome released as of November 24th 2011), there is no content in Nitrome Must Die representing 41 of Nitrome's games (a Nitrome game series is counted as one game, thus, although nothing from Hot Air Jr or Hot Air 2 appeared in Nitrome Must Die, something from Hot Air appeared in Nitrome Must Die).
  • In reply to a comment on the Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage website about planning on destroying Nitrome, Nitrome responded with a reference to Nitrome must Die.[20]
  • The elevator's sound effects upon opening is very similar to the sound effect played when activating the giant elevator in Frost Man's stage in Mega Man 8.


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