The Nitrome Touchy website is a subsite of that was launched on October 2, 2012[1], 29 days before Nitrome Touchy's release. The website provides updates about Nitrome Touchy and also allows users to comment and ask questions about the app via Facebook applets.



The Touchy button as seen on the homepage of

The Nitrome Touchy website can be accessed directly on with the Nitrome Touchy button on the site navigation. A link to it is also present on the "Featured" section of the homepage.


The four pages of the site can be accessed by clicking on the tabs at the top. The pages also have their own Facebook applets that allow Facebook users to comment on each area.


The "Home" tab is the first page seen when the Nitrome Touchy website is visited. It features the Nitrome Touchy release video, announcing Nitrome Touchy's release for both the App Store and Google Play. Below the video, the page is divided into two columns: one displaying a photo gallery of screenshots and another for the text description about Nitrome Touchy and its features. After the two columns merge into one, a section for frequently asked questions is displayed.


This tab lists all games compatible with Nitrome Touchy. It provides links to each of the games. There are also screenshots for each heading: one of the controller seen from the device running Nitrome Touchy and one from the game itself. A brief description of each Touchy compatible game is included.


Updates applied to Nitrome Touchy are logged here. This includes additions of new Nitrome Touchy compatible games to the Games page and releases of video previews.


The Support page explains how Nitrome Touchy works, and any compatibility requirements. It is the same as the page displayed in the "Help" area of the Nitrome Touchy app.


The Nitrome Touchy website uses the Touchy skin. This was also the same skin used on to promote Nitrome Touchy.


On July 8, 2015, the Touchy website was taken down due to the discontinuation of Nitrome Touchy app[2]. The former website URL currently redirects to the "Touchy RIP" blog article.


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