Nitrome Towers is also the place where Nitrome Must Die takes place. This building also cameos in Oodlegobs.


Nitrome Towers is seen in the Trailer of the game, and has a much different appearance than its skin appearances. Nitrome Towers in Nitrome Must die is shown as having 100 floors, each floor being the same height and having the same amount of windows, even though varying in size.

At the bottom there is a sign and some garbage cans, as well as other paces of metal. A giant sign that reads "Nitrome Towers" is seen on the top of the building, being well protected as a laser gun will destroy anything that lands on the top of it.

Game information

Nitrome Must Die

In Nitrome Must Die, Austin Carter and Justin Bennet attacked the building. They killed all who got in their way, as well as used the company's experimental weaponry. Whatever the company threw at them, the two friends destroyed. They rode to the next floor via elevator, and after scaling 100 floors, the made it to the room of the Nitrome Boss.
The Boss first attacked them with some of the weapons they had already encountered, calling the Employees to aid him multiple times. After being damaged enough, he entered the cuboy machine and took the battle to the rooftop.

One of the friends managed to get a hold of the Bang gun, and using it caused Nitrome towers to collapse. Using his escape pod, he tried to eliminate the boys while getting safely to the ground, but was shot down and squished by the 0 in Nitrome. What remains now of the building is the outside structure of the bottom floor.


Nitrome Towers appears in the beginning cutscene for Oodlegobs, in the background next to MewTube Towers. This version of Nitrome Towers is exactly the same as the Nitrome Must Die Nitrome Towers.

Other appearances

  • Oodletrouble skin - Nitrome Towers appears in the background, its appearance the same as its appearance in Oodlegobs.


  • Spoiler
    Although a laser gun is seen on the rooftop of Nitrome Towers (in the intro), it is not at all seen during the battle with the cuboy machine.
  • Spoiler
    The rooftop battle with the Cuboy Machine is commonly referred to by fans as "Floor 101", and the part of the battle where the player is descending down referred to as "Floor 102".
  • The tower's windows in Nitrome Must Die are not seen inside the building so they might be fake.
  • The sign outside Nitrome Towers says "trespassers will be shot with Experemental Weaponry". This is true, for the employees carry guns that contain the experimental ammunition.
  • In Oodlegobs and the Oodletrouble skin, the sign on top of Nitrome Towers is missing the "s" in Towers.
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