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Nitrome Wiki management

This Wiki and its members (collectively Nitrome Wiki) are not affiliated with Nitrome Limited or any of its employees. It operates independently from Nitrome and is managed by the site team. Nitrome claims no responsibility for the actions of Nitrome Wiki or its users. Likewise Nitrome Wiki bears no responsibility for the actions of Nitrome Limited and its employees.

Posting as an official Nitrome employee

There have been a few instances where unregistered contributors have edited and left comments, claiming to be a Nitrome employee. Due to the anonymous and dynamic nature of IP addresses, all unregistered contributors who say they work for Nitrome are to be treated like any other editor on Nitrome Wiki. When adding content, they are expected to post information that is verifiable by means of an official Nitrome source.

Since this wiki complies with COPPA, creating an account is now necessary to edit. We seek your understanding in this matter.

Actions of Wikia users

This Wiki is hosted on Wikia. As such, any account holder of Wikia have an account on Nitrome Wiki. While we can monitor and moderate the actions of these account holders, Nitrome Wiki does not have direct control over these users. As such, Nitrome Wiki cannot be held accountable. Nitrome Wiki will, however, seek to mediate any conflict which arises between you and any such user.

Information on Nitrome Wiki

While we strive to provide our readers with up-to-date and reliable information, and diligently verify and question information, Nitrome Wiki is an open, work-in-progress encyclopedia that anyone can edit. The information provided is as-is. If you do come across any errors, we would greatly appreciate if you could correct it. Nitrome Wiki may contact you on your IP talk page to verify the information with you.

Only the articles of the Nitrome Wiki encyclopedia are for the provision of Nitrome information. All other internal (behind the scenes) pages which provide Nitrome-related information, including but not restricted to MediaWiki, blogs, talk, forums and user pages are for internal circulation. While you are free to read these internal pages, you shall learn of any Nitrome-related information at your own risk, as this information does not pass through our verification processes.


Nitrome Wiki's articles contain spoilers that reveal information about a game's ending or other content that is not formally announced by Nitrome. While every effort is made to conceal these spoilers, Nitrome Wiki is an encyclopedia free for anyone to edit, and as a result, uncovered spoilers sometimes end up on pages unnoticed before they are dealt with. Nitrome Wiki's spoiler policy does not cover spoiler images or videos, and some of these images or videos end up in the "Photos" or "Videos" modules or in Special:NewFiles or Special:Videos.

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