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Due to the current fanart rules on the Nitrome Wiki, uploading fanart here is currently banned. However, it is because of this the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki was created. Wikia currently provides a method of embedding images from other Wiki's and image hosting services (such as Photobucket and ImageShack), and also scaling them.

Embedding off-site images

If a user uploads fanart to the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki, they can place the image on a page on the Nitrome Wiki without it counting as an uploaded image to the wiki. Unfortunately, this has to be done manually, and also in source mode, as Wikia does not support a tool that does this.

Wikia wikis

Note: This can only be done in source mode.
To embed an image, one has to first get the direct URL of the image. The direct URL of an image is the URL that takes the player to a page that has only the image on it, nothing else. This image may be on a black, white, or coloured background, and the image may be displayed in the middle, top right, or in a similar position on the page. For example, this is the direct URL of the image "File:Squirrel suit.PNG" on the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki.

To get to this direct URL, one has to go to the file page of the image, then click on the image. The file page of an image can be accessed by clicking an image on a page, then clicking the image's file name.


An image's image page:

The direct URL of the image:

With the direct URL, in the URL, one now has to replace "static4" with "images1" . After that, placing the image on any page on any other wiki will cause the image to appear, even though it has not been uploaded to that wiki.



Before change URL (static4 has been bolded):

Changed URL (images1 has been bolded):

Note: The reason the above URL does not turn into an image is due to the presence of <nowiki> and </nowiki> tags. The above URL under regular circumstances would display the image it is linking to.

The above URL, when placed on a page in source mode, will yield:


Result: Squirrel_suit.PNG

Wikia will not scale the image when it is embedded on to another wiki, the image appears at full size.

Other website

To embed an image from other file sharing sites on Nitrome Wiki, get the image in a state where just the image is displayed on the screen (you can usually do this if you right click on the image and select "View Image"), then copy the URL of the page you are on and paste it in source mode in the area you want to display the image. This method no longer works for Photobucket images.

Scaling an embedded image

This method can only be done on images uploaded on Wikia wiki's
It is possible to scale an embedded image. This is done by placing thumb/ after the /image/ section of an image's direct URL (how to get an image's direct URL is mentioned in the above section titled "Wikia wikis"). After this, a / has to be placed at the end of the image's URL, then the content between the 7th and 8th slash has to be placed after the 8th slash.

To scale the image, after the 8th slash, #px- has to be placed before the start of the image's copied file name. # in #px is the number of pixels that the coder wants to scale the image. For numbers substituted for # in #px, numbers higher than the size of the image will present the image at its full size, while numbers smaller than the image's size will shrink it.

Although it is possible to scale an image, it is not possible to make it bigger than its regular size.


Original URL:

URL with scaling applied:

Changed parts of the scaled URL (emphasized by bolding):</nowiki>

The two above URLs that have #px, the # is used as a placeholder for a number to substitute #.

With this URL, it is now possible to resize an image by replacing # with a number. For example:

Original image URL (no scaling):

Original image: Squirrel_suit.PNG

Scaled URL (scaling applied):

Results: 20px-Squirrel_suit.png

The above section titled "Wikia wikis" contains instructions for embedding images without resizing them.