The Nitrome Wiki, although small, has many parts of the website that can be fixed or helped. The Nitrome Wiki isn't about just writing, it is possible to help in other ways that don't even require you to write at all! Below you will find several sections on how you can help the wiki.

Template spreading

Content in this category involves having to place templates on pages, so other users can find them and help them.

  • Find a page hard to read? Incorrectly punctuated? Incorrect usage of words? Place {{revise}} on the top of a page if you think it is poor in Grammar and needs rewriting.
  • Want to help small pages become bigger? Short articles can be marked as "stubs" by placing {{stub}} at the bottom, just before the navbox templates.
  • Find a section of an article missing content it should have? Place {{incomplete}} just after the section heading so other users can find that article and complete the section 100%.
  • Emptiness can be resolved! Place {{empty}} in sections that have no content.
  • Some articles may have templates, but not have all sections filled in. Place {{BoxMiss}}, then between the | and }}. specify what sections are missing. Be sure to check the article first and see if the section is important enough to be filled in.
  • Images are necessary. Find an article lacking an image? Place {{ImageNeeded|Article}} if the entire article needs an image, or {{ImageNeeded|Section}} if it is a section that needs an image.
  • Find something wrong in an image? Place {{FixImage|what's wrong}} on the image's page.


Please note that in order to place a template on a page, you have to go into Source Mode to place the template.

  • Place {{walkthrough}} on game pages that lack walkthroughs.
  • Place {{JPEG}} on file pages that have JPGs, so other users can find the article and replace the JPG image.




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