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Nitrome: Images that Need Transparency is a project started by NOBODY. The project is about giving images transparency that currently do not have them. Users can add images to gallery that need them, as well as give images transparent backgrounds. For tutorials on how to give images Transparent Backgrounds, visit Nitrome:How to make Transparent Images. Transparent images must be uploaded in .png or .gif file type.


If you want to be a member, make a bullet point (*) below and sign your signature. After that, specify if you are an Adder or a Giver, or both (defined in the next section).


The definition of the occupations.


Adders are users who find images that are not transparent and adds them to a gallery.

Random-storykeeper Not the person you're thinking of Strplumboder


Givers are the ones that give images a transparent background.

Takeshi64 Santiago González Martín Axiy Lilonow IJZM Emitewiki2 The Nitrome Yeti Strplumboder

How it works


If you are an adder, go throughout the wiki and add images to a gallery linked here.


When getting images, please make sure they meet at least one of the below requirements:

  • 1: They retain the background from the game they were from
  • 2: They have a white background
  • 3: The have a background that is not white or transparent
  • 4: The images cannot be JPEG.


If you are a giver, visit the galleries and select an image to make transparent.

Once you have finished one, find the original file of the un-transparent background image and upload a new version of the file, that new version containing your image with the transparent background.

Once it is completed, add {{compim|Your username}} beside the caption.


General Rules

If an image is considered by many as unsatisfactory, it will be placed back in the gallery it was placed.

When an image is added, do not remove it when it is completed.

Galleries may contain only 50 images.
Theses rules may be modified at any time


Below are the galleries of images. There will be the name of the gallery, then how many images are in it, and what the percentage of the images in the gallery have transparent backgrounds. If the gallery is filled, make another one, with the name Nitrome:Images that Need Transparency/Gallery # (replace # in the name with the number of gallery it is when creating the article).

  • Nitrome:Images that need Transparency/Gallery 1 - 50/50 (complete)
  • Nitrome:Images that need Transparency/Gallery 2 -9/50 - (18% complete)