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Leap Day is Nitrome's most updated mobile game, with many features and bug fixes taking place in the background without the slightest mention of them. This project page will be an attempt to put some of the components of current and potential Leap Day wiki pages into perspective, and it could serve for a good discussion hub for how to handle and organize these pages. This is very much a work in progress, and probably won't be updated frequently, but this page feels necessary to at least attempt to bring Leap Day to the wiki's attention.

This is a project page regarding articles about Leap Day run by Random-storykeeper and Tpcool.

In progress


Main article: Enemies (Leap Day)

  • Update to include enemies from Version 16 (as they appear)
  • Use Template:Leap Day enemy section for each enemy
  • Upload/replace sprites with the following specifications - original sprite with:
    • All empty borders removed (no padding)
    • Resized by 200%
    • Orientation facing to the right (where applicable)
  • Add homing missiles (need to find which version)
  • Add gallery images for the enemies
  • Rename files for consistency + change URLs (low priority)


Non-enemies (hazards, interactive objects, etc.) to be put on one page where each heading categorizes each of these components by "Hazards" and "Interactive objects". Current definitions of these classifications:

  • Hazards - Objects that harm the player and must be avoided
  • Obstacles - Objects that can harm the player, but may be used to progress
  • Interactive objects - Objects that do not harm the player directly and must be interacted with in order to progress.

Each individual trap will use Template:Leap Day trap section.


Main article

Main article: Leap Day

  • Make the page more concise in general, specifically by revamping/removing the versions section and announcements section.
  • Table format for Versions/Updates.


Main article: Themes

  • Do these articles need infoboxes? (What would it entail)
  • Should individual themes have separate pages, considering how many distinctions they've been given?
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