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Rainbogeddon, named after Nitrome's first release of 2012, is a project designed with the aim of adding colour schemes to navbox templates, primarily with game pages.

How it works

  • Members select a link from the list of "blank templates" (that is, templates without a colour scheme on them) and create a colour scheme for it.
  • For every template completed, it should be taken off the list of "blank templates" and the template code should be added to the completed templates list under your user name. (ex. {{Hot Air}})
  • A subheading for feedback should also be created for other users to provide feedback on the template's appearance.

Current blank templates


Other templates


Any registered user is allowed to join this project. To join, enter your exact username in the box below and click "Join this project!". After creating your project subpage, add yourself to the list of current project members by typing *[[/{{USERNAME}}/]] under the last user's name.

Current members can visit their user subpages to add on templates that they have added a colour scheme to. Then, they should remove the selected template from the list of blank templates above.

<createbox> break=no prefix=Project:Rainbogeddon/ preload=Project:Rainbogeddon/Preload buttonlabel=Join this project! </createbox>

If you're a member, you can add this Userbox to your userpage:
RgUser.png This user is a member of the project Rainbogeddon

Using this code:

Current members


Members are expected to complete at least one template per week. No penalty at the moment will be given if a user fails to do so, but members may find themselves removed from the members list if they have not been working on the project for over a month.

When working on a template, members should also know the basic functions of the navbox template and how to customize the colours. A guide to using the navbox template can be found at Template:Navbox.

Providing Feedback

Users can also provide feedback on newly completed templates that other members have created. Users who are not members may also provide feedback. A bullet point should be created directly under the template code. From there, users can say whether the colours go well together, or if they feel the scheme does not reflect the game to its fullest extent. When providing feedback, users should also sign their name, as they do with talk page posts. This can also be used to report any changes that the users make to the templates.

To provide feedback on this project, please use the project talk page, found at Nitrome talk:Rainbogeddon.