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Project Rename is a short-term project with the aim of renaming all pages to follow a certain capitalisation pattern, explained at Forum:Capitalisation.

What to rename

The project's goal is rename pages with names that are not proper nouns, capitalizing only the first letter of the title.

Example: Beam with Teeth is not a proper noun. It would be renamed to Beam with teeth.

Final Ninja Zero refers to the name of the game. It would be left Final Ninja Zero.


  • Once all pages have been renamed within a template, the user should also edit the template to change the links within the navbox.
  • Redirect pages (italicised titles in Special:AllPages) do not need to be renamed.
  • Admins should not suppress any redirects.


Project Rename is organized by game. Each user takes one game or game series and goes through each, checking each off as he/she goes. The users should stick to the games they are assigned, so as to make it more thorough. Pages that are not part of a game will be saved for last, where they will be found by using Special:AllPages. Each player makes a list of all the pages done underneath his/her name, and puts the template for that game above that, so the pages unfinished can be seen. Users must take one template at a time, so as not to take too much work.


Any user can join this project! Create your own subheading at the bottom of the page. Each template involved in the rename will go under its own level 4 heading as well.


Final Ninja

Template: Finished


Rubble Trouble

Template: Finished




Do I have to list every page I renamed :O

SQhi (talk)

SQhi helps out on an ad hoc and en bloc basis.

Ad hoc renames


En bloc renames


Category:Characters(in progress)

Double redirects resolved

only intra-domain double redirects


Special:WhatLinksHere/Steering_pegs Special:WhatLinksHere/Parrot_ball


these game articles have passed the capitalisation test with flying results. Gift Wrapped

Cosmic Cannon

On Hold

Actually, I want to overhaul our page organisation here.


The Keyboard Wizard


Bomba, Nitrome Must Die, Mutiny, Double Edged


Not that guy