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Shovel Knight Dig

An upcoming Shovel Knight adventure co-developed by Nitrome!

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Bomb Chicken

Your favourite egg laying hero is now available on Steam and mobile!

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Leap Day

Play a new level every day!

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Rust Bucket Update #3

10 new levels set in a sewer, 4 new enemies, and 1 new weapon!

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Yolk Helper Leap Day - Yolk Helper.png
The Yolk Helper behaves independently from the player. When encountering any fruit within the player's view on the screen, the Yolk Helper will eat the fruit, adding it to the player's fruit count. It is also capable of killing many enemies with the same eating motion. The Yolk Helper eating
A Yolk Helper eating.

Leap Day - Yolk Helper.png - 1 HP

Leap Day - Yolk Helper.png - 3 HP


Shield Leap Day - Yolk Helper.png Leap Day - Yolk Helper.png - 1 HP
Leap Day - Yolk Helper.png - 3 HP
Leap Day - Yolk Helper.png - 5 HP

The shield generates a forcefield around the player and protects from any deaths, except for those that were inflicted by crushing. If the player takes damage while the shield is equipped, the shield will flash red and the player will be repelled away from the hazard. Shields have small orbs surrounding them, indicating the number of hits the player can take before it breaks. Previously, shields were not stackable, but an update allowed each activated shield to accumulate hits up to 9 HP.

The Yolk Helper eating
An activated shield.

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