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Numbskull is a Halloween-themed game released October 27th 2008. The player helps guide a skeleton's head back to its body by rotating certain blocks in the castle.


PC Mouse Left Click Mouse - Click and hold to rearrange blocks


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  • Pumpkins - If the Jack 'o' Lantern lands on the skeleton's body instead of the skull, the game is over.
  • Electrified blocks - Electrified blocks that cause a game over for the skeleton.


  • Black blocks - regular blocks the player can move 
  • 2x2 blocks - In order to move these blocks, the player has to make a white box completely around them.
  • Conveyor blocks - These blocks move the skull left or right, depending on the movement of the wheels.
  • Pipes - These work only if the player arranges pipe pieces together so that they all connect. When all connected, the skull being dropped into one will be transported through the network, out of the other end of the pipe
  • Chained blocks - Like large blocks, the player cannot move these if they have not got these entirely in a white box, but the player can fit blocks between these.
  • Left turning blocks - If this block has a white box placed around it, then the selected blocks will turn left instead of right.
  • Upside-down turning blocks - Including this block in the player's white blocks will cause all selected blocks to turn 180° (upside down)
  • Castle turning blocks - When the player includes this in a white box, the whole screen will turn upside down.


  • Sometimes if the player starts the game and clicks any level, they will be taken to level one instead of the level that they have selected. However, the player's progress still exists, and the player just needs to return to the main menu and select the level they want once more.


Site/Event Year Contest Prize Outcome
Jay is Games 2009 Best of Casual Gameplay 2008 Best Puzzle (Browser games) game of 2008 - Audience Award Nominated - sixth place (5.7% of all votes)
Jay is Games 2009 Best of Casual Gameplay 2008 Best Puzzle (Browser games) game of 2008 Nominated


  • Numbskull is Nitrome's first Halloween-themed game.
  • The name is a pun on the insult "numskull".
  • Numbskull music was made back in June 2005, three years before the game's release.[1]


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