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Attacks Dangerous on contact
Abilities Floating towards Hot Air
Level Hot Air 2: All Blown Up - 10: Octoboss
Health Three blows
Game(s) Hot Air 2: All Blown Up

The Octoboss is the first boss encountered in Hot Air 2. He is the second biggest enemy in the game, next to the mouth monsters. From his design, it is seen that he is a giant mini octopus.


The Octoboss is a giant purple octopus with a green mouth, green ears, and one tooth. It has a giant head with two black eyes and eyebrow pointing down, depicting it is angry. Below its giant body are its three small tentacles.

Game information

The Octoboss serves as the first boss of Hot Air 2, and the first boss of the series. The Octoboss does not have a particular attack in addition to floating around toward the player, however, as the player hits it, the Octoboss becomes faster each time. At the four corners of the level are orange pads, four in the level, but only one is lit up.

Landing on a blue pad does nothing. The Octoboss will move around the stage slowly, trying to move into Hot Air. It is quite large, almost taking up the entire level. Landing on an orange pad fires a bullet that will take one of the Octoboss's three skulls (skulls representing hearts) and slightly push Octoboss back.

A balloon of the Octoboss is unlocked after defeating it.

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  • In Latin, octo means "eight". The Octoboss however only has three tentacles, making it rather ironic to have octo in his name. It was probably added because of his octopus-like appearance.
  • After Octoboss is killed, the player can still fire missiles at it, but they will go right through it without affecting it.