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Onekey is an Aztec-themed platform game released August 26, 2008. The player is indirectly controlling a tribesman named One Key through his trials.

During the game, the player can only affect gameplay by pressing the space bar, which will affect all interactive objects and enemies in the level. The tribesman continues to walk forward no matter what, and the player must use all the things in the level to help him make it to the end safely.


  • Space - Affect various objects and enemies


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Penguin 1

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Ending Onekey

End screen

In the ending, the player views a screen with the other tribesmen preparing a feast for the main character. Gems are also seen raining down from the sky. Below the end screen reads "Well done! You have passed the trials and the tribe is holding a feast in your honour!"


  • Walking blocks - Walking blocks are enemies that are powered by a small internal flame. It can be temporarily stunned by pressing space to make it fall apart. Can only be killed by falling gates.
    • Peacock guardians - A variation of the walking block that can't be stunned.
  • Dragon guardians - Enemies that reverse direction of movement upon pushing the space bar.
  • Jumping guardians - Jump when you press space.
  • Flying guardians - Repeatedly pressing space causes them to fly up.
  • Laser guardians - Shoot a laser. Rotates when space is pressed.
  • Crusher guardians - Block-shaped guardians that fall to the ground when the spacebar is pressed

All blocks and enemies. On the middle right are the cameos, Square Meal, Twang and Hot Air.


Pick Ups

  • Gems - Five bonus gems are hidden on each level, and are usually placed somewhere that is hard to get to. The five gem colours are: blue, pink, red, green, and purple.

Interactive objects

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Interactive blocks

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  • Cage - Traps One Key in three-barred cage when stepped on. The player must press the space bar to release the tribesman. One Key is still vulnerable to damage in the cage.


Site/Event Year Contest Prize Outcome
Jay is Games 2009 Best of Casual Gameplay 2008 Best Simple Idea (Browser games) game of 2008 - Audience Award Won - First place (22.3% of all votes)
Jay is Games 2009 Best of Casual Gameplay 2008 Best Simple Idea (Browser games) game of 2008 Nominated


  • There are three cameos, each in the form of a block. The head of Hot Air, the Black Ball from Twang, and face of the green troll all appear in blocks.

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