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Released August 18, 2014
Skin No. 19
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Main feature Oodlegobs, Rubble Trouble series
Designer/s Giuseppe Longo[1]
Special First crossover skin
Avatars related to this skin:
Full oodleworm

Oodlegobs cat

Full avatar-11

Unlockable avatars in this skin:
Full poweruprobot

Full wormfoodboy

Oodletrouble is the nineteenth site skin released on The skin was released on August 18, 2014. The skin combines elements from Oodlegobs and the Rubble Trouble series.


The skin shows MewTube being attacked by a large group of Oodlegobs.


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OodlegobsInfected mewserverInfected mewserverInfected mewserverInfected mewserverMewtubeCatInfected mewserverBarryBarryBarryLarryHelicopter (Rubble Trouble)Chain gunUltimasher 3000PortapodUltimasher 3000Nitrome TowersPlanePlanePlanePlaneOodletrouble
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Hidden avatar gift

On August 19th 2014, Nitrome hid two avatar gifts in the Oodletrouble skin, obtainable only by those who had a Nitrome account. Clicking the gift grants the viewer an avatar.


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  1. Game Developer's Blog - Nitrome: The fan art that inspired our skin! → Comment by Nitrome: Giuseppe designed the skin who is also the artist who did Oodlegobs. Good point we should add that info in future :)

    In response to Frostyflytrap:

    Thanks again guys :) though who designed this skin? You guys never seem to credit the artist/s who make the certain skins so I wonder., 19 August 2014, retrieved 19 August 2014.
  2. Game Developer's Blog - Nitrome: The fan art that inspired our skin!, 19 August 2014, retrieved 19 August 2014.
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