The orange dragon serpent is the first sky serpent encountered in Sky Serpents.


The orange dragon serpent is a sky serpent that is orange and has two white curved horns on its head. Its weak spots are purple coloured and it has two glowing orange-white eyes.

Game information

The level it is in acts as a tutorial for the game, speech bubbles popping up in-game telling what to the player should do. Its head is similar to that of a dragon. The horns on its head are not harmful to the player.

The player still has to kill the serpent like normal, it being the easiest serpent in the game. It seems to live in a quite calm habitat, since they don't have weapons to defend themselves. The serpent consists of six segments, each segment requiring six blows of the sword to kill.


The orange dragon serpent is one of a few serpents in Sky Serpents to have no attacks to defend itself.


The orange dragon serpent has no special abilities.

Weak spot health

All segments of the orange dragon serpent require different amounts of damage. From left to right: weak spot one requires two blows, weak spot two requires four blows, weak spot three needs five blows, and the final weak spot - weak spot four - requires seven blows.

Orange dragon

The entire orange dragon serpent


  • The orange dragon serpent is the only sky serpent to have a set amount of health for each weak point. All other sky serpents have weak points which can vary in health.
  • Despite being a tutorial, the orange serpent dragon does not teach the mechanic of hanging on to serpents with the knife. This is first introduced with the green dragon serpent.

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