Orange nose enemies are the first enemies encountered in Jack Frost and Nitrome Must Die.


They appear as humanoid creatures with roundish heads, thin bodies, small feet and large noses. When walking onto a frozen piece of ground, they will sneeze out blue mucus, which they quickly sniffle back up.

Game information

Jack Frost

Jack Frost - Orange enemy - Frozen

A frozen orange nose enemy.

Orange nose enemies can be frozen and used as platforms. Because of their lack of arms, they cannot climb up or down ladders, and instead continually turn at ledges. After walking onto a frozen stretch of tile, they will pause, sneeze blue mucus, then sniff it back up. In this way, the noses are reminiscent of water taps.

Nitrome Must Die

Orange nose enemies appear in Nitrome Must Die on the first level and throughout the game. Their appearance is almost identical to that of the original orange nose enemies from Jack Frost, as is their behaviour. Orange nose enemies, when spawned, will walk back and forth on a platform, turning around and walking the other way when they come to a ledge or wall. In terms of hit points they are rather weak, and are often spawned in groups. They do not sneeze out mucus in this game as they used to do in Jack Frost, probably because they are not cold, as they are indoors.

In Jack Frost
In Nitrome Must Die
Orange Guy NMD

Other appearances

  • Retro skin - An orange nose enemy appears standing still near the Moon.
  • Shop - An orange nose enemy appears in the music section, featured as having arms, allowing it to play guitar.


  • This enemy shares a strong resemblance with Q*bert.
  • Oddly, although in the games the enemy has no arms, in the music section, it does. Arms were likely added so that the character would not look odd playing a guitar.

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