Ostriches are hazards in the games Skywire and Skywire 2. Ostrich spins around an axis, with its head rotating. It always will overlap the area where the cable car will ride, so it will block the path of the cable car. They appear in levels one, eleven, fourteen, fifteen, nineteen, twenty-one, and twenty-three.

Red ostriches

Red ostriches are enemies in Skywire 1 & 2.


Red ostriches have red skin and a black feathered body. Their necks can be seen to be made up of small pieces. They have a orange beak and have a excited expression.

Game information

Red ostriches are the first type of ostrich encountered. They function simply, with one extending neck with a head at the tip that rotates around the axis. They move slightly faster than their counterpart, likely to make up for having only one neck.

Pink ostriches

Pink ostriches are enemies in Skywire 1 & 2.


Pink ostriches are similar to red ostriches, but instead have pink skin, as their name implies. They have four heads that are connected to a black feathered body.

Game information

Pink ostriches are the second type of ostrich. They move slower than red ostriches, and have four pink necks rotating around an axis. The heads are each 90° apart from each other, and they rotate around. Pink ostriches are strategically placed in an area where their heads go around a circular track. This way, the player has the most distance to travel without being hit by one of the heads.

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