The Owl[2] is the one of the two main characters in the game Fat Cat, as well as accompanies the cat in the game Nitrome Must Die.


In Fat Cat, the Owl is dark blue in colour with violet eyebrows and purple feet. The bullets that the Owl shoots are orange-yellow in colour.

In Nitrome Must Die, the Owl appears much smaller as opposed to Fat Cat. The Owl is dark blue in colour and has purple eyebrows and orange feet.

Game information

Fat Cat

Owl Shooting

The Owl shooting

The Owl accompanies the cat on its journeys through each of the twenty-one stages of the game Fat Cat. Because the Owl has an infinite amount of health, as opposed to the cat, who only has three lives in the game, the Owl is used to defend the cat from enemies to help it reach the designated finish line.

The Owl also has the ability to telekinetically move items such as move blocks, turn switches on and off and block bullets that come from turrets. Food and the cat itself can also be picked up, a useful task especially when the screen scrolls quickly.

Nitrome Must Die



The Owl appears in level 60 of Nitrome Must Die during the sixth boss battle, alongside the cat. The Owl defends the cat from the player during the cat's stationary periods, moving around the cat in a circular motion and firing bullets that move out. The Owl is invincible, and serves only to protect the cat.

The Owl moves off the screen when the cat attacks, returning to the screen when the cat enters its stationary period. During the last part of the battle, the Owl will focus itself in front of the player, so that all its bullets will hit them, moving so that is is always focused on the player. It is supposedly killed when the cat explodes.

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