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Released March 23rd - May 17th, 2009[1]
Skin No. 5
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Party is a skin released on during the time period of March 23rd to May 17th, 2009[1]. It features at least one Nitrome character from each game (up to Ice Breaker: The Red Clan) surrounding the Nitrome logo, featuring the most characters of any skin.


The party skin has various character appearances scattered throughout the whole skin. In the center is Nitrome's logo.


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Party tileA Cactus Man from Off the RailsNitrome LogoNitrome LogoBomba, the main character of the game with the same nameThe Green Troll from Square MealThe Skeleton from Small FryOne Key from OnekeyA Warrior from Small FryA Brain from Small FryA Sporty from Small FryPoly the hedgehog from Roly PolyA Red Pirate from MutinyThe Yeti From Snow DriftFlash Cat from the game with the same nameThe Green Angry Head from KnuckleheadsThe Black Ball from TwangHot Air, main character from the Hot Air SeriesThe Climber from the Frost Bite SeriesA Sporty from Small FryVenus fly trap from Feed MeA group of UFOs from Go Go UFOA red Cable car from the Skywire seriesThe Moon from Cheese Dreams SeriesThe Astronaut in Space HopperA group of Tanks from Tanked UpThe Vikings from the Icebreaker seriesYang from Yin YangYang from Yin YangYin from Yin YangA Shell monster from Square mealThe Pink Angel from the Twin Shot SeriesA Penguin from Snow DriftA Robotic panda from the Skywire seriesA Space Mouse from the Cheese Dreams SeriesA Poor sighted demon from Mirror ImageFluffball from the game with the same name.Magneboy from the game wit the same nameThe dog from In the Dog HouseJack Frost from the game with the same nameA FlyThe purple Angry Head from KnuckleheadsA green gem from OnekeyThe Orange Angel from the Twin Shot SeriesA bee from Pest ControlThe Superhero from Pixel PopThe Spider from DangleA Chick from Chick FlickThe Hazmat Hero from the Toxic SeriesA group of Blots from ScribbleA group of Sleepwalkers from SandmanThe Orange Angel from the Twin Shot SeriesA Fire doodle from ScribbleA Triffid from Graveyard ShiftA group of Zombies from Graveyard ShiftA Maiden from Graveyard ShiftA Blob creature from Twin ShotA Helmet dark thing from Twin ShotThe Submarine from AquanautA Space Mouse from the Cheese Dreams SeriesA group of Flies from Pest ControlNorman Noggin, the main character of HeadcaseThe Skeleton from NumbskullAn orange Squirrel from Chick FlickWarlock from Mirror ImageThe racer of the red vehicle in FlipsideKapowski from The GlassworksDirk Valentine the hero of Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of SteamNanobots from the game NanobotsThe Cat from Fat CatThe Owl from Fat CatA Snot from Snot PutOctoboss from Hot Air 2Mr. Snips from DangleKing Meka from Fat CatA maggot from Pest ControlA Viking from the Icebreaker seriesA red ball from Mallet ManiaA Green lizard from Double EdgedFurry monster from the Frost Bite SeriesThe pink Angel from the Twin Shot SeriesA Caterpillar doodle from ScribbleA blue Troll from Square MealThe Wizard and a Knight from Magic TouchA green goon from HeadcaseTakeshi from the Final Ninja seriesA moss bomb from Bomba


Two zombies, a triffid, and maiden from Graveyard Shift were placed in the skin seven months before the game they were to appear in was released.

Hidden avatar gift

On December 23 2013, Nitrome hid an avatar gift in the Party skin, obtainable only by those who had a Nitrome account. Clicking the gift grants the viewer an avatar.


This navigational box contains a spoiler. Click [show] to open the box.


  • Despite having objects from all Nitrome games up to Ice Breaker: Red Clan, there is no object for Gift Wrapped.
  • This skin is the first to not have only one base colour.
  • Compared to other skins, the Party skin took a long time to create[2].


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