This article is about the penguin from Avalanche. For the penguin from other games, please see Penguins.

The penguin is the main character of Avalanche, an enemy in Nitrome Must Die, an obstacle in Roller Polar, and an unlockable entity in Endless Doves.


The penguin is a small blue penguin with a orange feet and a white front body. She sits on top of a red toboggan.

Game information



In the story for the game, the penguin on sled is trying to outrun an avalanche of snow so that she can get home to feed its babies.

In game

The player's object is reach the end of each level while trying to outrun an avalanche. The player controls the penguin with the arrow keys, using the right arrow to accelerate, the left arrow to brake, and the up arrow to jump. Holding down the up arrow while in the air will cause the penguin to rapidly flap its wings and gain a small boost of jump height.

The penguin can only die if she is overtaken by the avalanche, or if she falls down a ravine and off the screen. She can run into obstacles along the way, but these will only slow the penguin down and allow the avalanche to come closer.

Nitrome Must Die

Penguin Avalanche NMD


The penguin reappears as an enemy in Nitrome Must Die. She is not only fast, but the challenge level that she first appears on is very icy, slowing down the character's acceleration.

Roller Polar

The penguin appears as a hazard in Roller Polar. Encountered with a startled expression trying to run away from the snowball, when rolled up only her legs are visible, and when avoided she is thrown backwards and groans.

The penguin is only found isolated and not in any clusters or consecutively with any other hazards.

Endless Doves

Penguin 1

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The penguin can be unlocked for three hundred doves in the Aviary. In game, when not collected she appears standing up shaking her lips and wings. When collected, she is seen from the side flapping her wings.

Penguin babies

Penguin babies

The babies

Penguin babies are the three babies of the penguin on a toboggan. They were later fed when the penguin on a toboggan came back from outrunning an avalanche.

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  1. Comment by Frostyflytrap: Hey Nitrome I've been meaning to ask, is that penguin male or female?

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