This page is about the pick up. For the weapon, please see Gun (Nitrome Must Die)#Penguin


This article is about penguins from Snow Drift. For penguins from other games, please see Penguins.

Penguins are pick ups and hazards in Snow Drift. Penguins are commonly encountered as pick ups which grant points upon being knocked over, but are also encountered as missiles shot from the guns of foxes, and also as grenades thrown by the polar bear. Penguins are used for a variety of things in Snow Drift, some variations not being able to be knocked out, this page being about the Pick Up.


Penguins appear small and pod shaped, with two small arms, orange feet and beak, and two blue beady eyes.

Game information

Snow Drift

Penguins stand on the track and don't do anything. When touched, they are knocked off the track and the yeti gains ten points. Many of them are littered across the track for unknown reasons, and when hit, will turn in the air and fall off the screen.

They are most likely young penguins, having to be protected by the emperor penguins from attack, which is probably the explanation to emperor penguins are usually found near a lot of penguins.

Nitrome Must Die

Main Article: Gun (Nitrome Must Die)#Penguin

Penguins appear as a weapon in Nitrome Must Die. When the weapon is obtained, firing it will fire a Snow Drift penguin that will slide on its belly, all the way to the wall of the screen, where it will fall off the screen. They are seen in one of the first challenge levels.

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