Point boxes are interactive objects introduced early in Rockitty.


As the name suggests, point boxes are box shaped areas exposed within some areas of levels. Sometimes, they are seen on planets and in some cases, on lava. A number and colour printed on them tells players the number of points that can be scored, this value written in white. 1000 points are red while 100 and 250 points are green and yellow respectively.

Point boxes can also appear as point balls. They have the same function and appearance as point boxes, only they are circlular in shape.

Game Information



Receiving 100 points from a point box.

The points, as read on the point box, can be obtained if Rockitty rockets towards and successfully lands on one. When this happens, Rockitty will bounce off it and continue travelling until pink goo is reached. As this happens, the colour of the point box will darken slightly, indicating that the points has already been hit and cannot be used again. When the level is complete or the player loses the level, the points from all point boxes Rockitty hits will be added to the player's score.

Point Balls

In level 13, point boxes take the shape of balls, which, like planets, can freely float in the area they are in until they hit a force field. The points will be awarded to the player if they hit them, but only once.

After the points are granted, the player can use the point balls to help move the explosives in the level, without having Rockitty blast into them, causing a unit of health to be lost.