Poly, as named in the main menu, is the main character of the game Roly Poly. It also appeared as an enemy in the games Skywire 1 & 2, as well as in Nitrome Must Die.

Game information

Roly Poly

Poly starts out in each level enclosed in a circular area, of which the player rotates to help him move to the finish line safely. If it makes contact with a hazard, it will tense up and fall off the screen. The hedgehog is also seen in the game menu, guiding the player through the options with a speech bubble atop of his head. It is unknown why Poly wants to roll past many obstacles seen in each level, and whether the levels are parts of his home.

Skywire 1 & 2

Poly appears as an enemy in Skywire 1 and Skywire 2. Poly appears as a robotic toy, being made of metal and having a wind on its back. It attacks by shooting out its spikes, soon regenerating them. These spikes move in the direction they were fired, not increasing in velocity. Poly appears on level 14 of Skywire.

Nitrome Must Die

Oddly enough, the Skywire robot Poly appears in Nitrome Must Die. While Poly appears early in the game, it is nevertheless quite dangerous. It is low down, making him harder to hit than most enemies and it shoots a multitude of small spikes all over the screen. However, it is quite slow and when knocked-out, explodes in a puddle of orange liquid, which is possibly molten metal or paint. They move horizontally on platforms, and turn at ledges. They are quite small, and the spikes deal little damage.

In Roly Poly
In Skywire 1 and 2
In Nitrome Must Die

Other appearances



  • Poly bears a striking resemblance to SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic was said to have been brown, like Poly, until an accident gave Sonic his blue coloration.
  • Poly's behaviour and way of attacking in Skywire 1, Skywire 2, and Nitrome Must Die is almost identical to the Hari Harry enemy from the Mega Man series.
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