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An Enemy is a character who attempts to hurt the protagonist and eventually deplete all of their health. Enemies have appeared in almost every single Nitrome game. Enemies basically are characters that have eyes and/or mouth, and either move or somehow attack. Most enemies can somehow be killed, while others have to be completely avoided as no object exists in the game to kill them. They are not to be confused with obstacles.

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Notable Enemies


Henchmen are enemies in Enemy 585, as well as enemies in Nitrome Must Die. The most famous member of this species is Enemy #585. The henchmen served King Frog, and are probably of the same species as the King.Henchmen have no attack, and it is not known...(Read more >>)

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Axes are enemies in the Hot Air Series. Axes appear as an axe blade with a seven link chain, the seventh link attached to to a screw attached to a platform. Axes simply swing left and right, and can be easily avoided. Sometimes Stars will be...(Read more >>)


The Warlock is the Main Character of Mirror Image, as well as an enemy in Nitrome Must Die. In Nitrome Must Die, he is the cause of a dangerous glitch which heavily slows down the level he appears in. He only appears once in the game, appearing in one level in level set 71-80. When the Warlock appears, it...(Read more >>)


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