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This article is about pots from Bad Ice-Cream series. For pots from other games, please see Pots.

The Pot creature is an enemy that first appears in level 5 of Bad Ice-Cream.


The pot creature has a similar look to Crazee Dayzees from the Super Mario series. Overall, it is shaped like a short vase, wide at the bottom and thinner at the top. A rim around the top of the pot creature's head is where the flower comes out. The flower has a green stem and orange center. The flower petals and tracking signal varies in colour based on the player's ice cream character (e.g. chocolate = brown, strawberry = pink, etc.).

From the front, the pot creature's facial features reveal a thick unibrow over two black slits for eyes and a round pink spot in between them (which is their nose). Just below the eyes are two tiny pink cheeks, and below the cheeks is its round mouth with pink lips. The pot creature uses two tiny yellow feet for walking.

Game information

When first seen in a level, the pot creature will pace towards different areas, traveling at a speed the ice cream characters can easily avoid. After a while, a flower which serves as a radar, will lift out of the pot and the enemy will begin to move at a faster pace, chasing the player's character. Although it is fairly quick, players can still outrun it as long as they do not trap themselves. If the game is in multiplayer mode, the pot creature will chase the character that is closest to them.

Once the pot creature has finished chasing the ice cream characters, the flower will retract into its head, and it will continue walking around in the level as when first seen. This cycle is maintained until players have completed the level.



  • When confined in a square the size of one ice block, the pot creature will remain frozen in that space even when the ice is smashed. From time to time players can still hear the beep that sounds whenever the pot creature uses its flower to chase them.
  • Ice cream characters can still die if they touch the pot creature when frozen.
  • The flower acts like a signal to tell the pot creature to chase the player.
  • The colour of the flower petals and tracking signal matches the ice cream character used. However with Sorbet; while the flower petals are yellow, the signals are green.