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Drop Wizard Tower is an arcade game developed by Neutronized and published by Nitrome. The game is a follow up to Neutronized's previous release, Drop Wizard. Unlike the previous game, which was only released on the Apple App Store, Drop Wizard Tower was released on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. The player controls one from a group of wizards that must ascend the tower to defeat the Shadow Order.


  • Tap on-screen buttons - Change moving direction of the wizard.[citation needed]


Each level of Drop Wizard Tower takes place on a single screen that can wrap both horizontally and vertically. The game is played in portrait mode and has on-screen buttons not seen in its predecessor. Upon dropping onto a platform, the wizard launches a projectile away from him or herself, stunning an enemy in its path on contact. Players must then use the wizard to push the stunned enemy in order to kill it. In order to proceed to the next level, all enemies in the current level must be killed.

The wizard is able to level up, allowing players to boost a particular skill. Upon leveling up for the first time, the player can choose any square, but for the second time only the square connected to the first chosen square can be selected.


Drop Wizard Tower has six playable characters, also known as "wizards". Each wizard has differing levels of each of the three skills. These characters are named:

Character Abilities
Laal Immune to fire. Can left behind fire.
Baburu Does not slow down on water. Can summon a waterfall.
Kallio Reduces boss health reduced to one hit point. Drops several rocks.
Sami Does not slip on ice. Summons a snowball.
Mia Immune to magic. Summons a heart barrier.

Penguin 1

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When all characters have completed the game, the Ancient Egg will hatch and reveal the seventh character, Mustamon. While playing as Mustamon, all enemies are in rage mode from beginning and Mustamon has all wizards' abilities enabled. Reviving also is four times as expensive than with other wizards.

Announcements and previews

January 16 Neutronized posts a screenshot on their Twitter, motioning people to retweet to make a Drop Wizard with "more heroes, skills, and tons of arcade action" happen.
Drop Wizard Tower preview January 16 2017
February 4 A new Drop Wizard is officially announced to be in the works. Neutronized also shares a GIF with a snippet of gameplay.
Drop Wizard Tower preview February 4 2017
February 8 Gionathan Pesaresi, artist and programmer of Neutronized, tweets a picture showcasing the looks of several enemies.
Drop Wizard Tower preview February 8 2017
February 14 Neutronized tweets a GIF of some fish in Drop Wizard Tower showing their behaviour on platforms and in the water. One of the fish is shown to be stunned.
Drop Wizard Tower preview February 14 2017
February 16 Neutronized announces that Drop Wizard Tower will feature a vertical scroll transition and showcases this feature in a twenty-nine second GIF.
Drop Wizard Tower preview February 16 2017
February 18 Gionathan Pesaresi shares a picture with six bosses and their enemy counterparts.
Drop Wizard Tower preview February 18 2017
February 23 Neutronized reveals the looks of four playable characters in Drop Wizard Tower with a GIF. Each playable character will have varied power, speed and magic stats, along with differing special skills and magic attacks.
Drop Wizard Tower preview February 23 2017
March 1 Neutronized completes the randomised skill tree and tweets a picture to go along with their announcement. With the skill tree, players will be able to boost particular skills for their character.
Drop Wizard Tower preview March 1 2017
March 3 Gionathan Pesaresi shares a video preview of the wizard selection screen on his Twitter.
Drop Wizard Tower preview March 3 2017
March 8 Neutronized shares an array of assorted arcade item sprites for the game and asks publicly for suggestions.
Drop Wizard Tower preview March 8 2017
April 13 Nitrome tweets that Drop Wizard Tower is "coming soon", and will be a Nitrome published game. They also share a GIF of four enemies walking across a platform and getting attacked by Teo, who comes in from the other side of the picture.
Drop Wizard Tower preview April 13 2017
April 14 Neutronized announces that they are working on Drop Wizard Tower with Nitrome, and showcases a video preview of the new titlescreen, featuring an egg at the top of the tower.
Drop Wizard Tower title preview


  • Drop Wizard Tower is presented in portrait mode instead of landscape mode like the first mobile Drop Wizard game.[1]
  • Drop Wizard Tower takes place in the same universe as some of Neutronized's previous releases, including Snow Tale, Dyna Boy, Lost Yeti and Super Cat Tales.[2][3] As a result, many enemies and bosses are based on or are direct cameos of enemies and bosses seen in those previous games.


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