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Magic Mansion is an endless dungeon platformer made by Sets and Settings and published by Nitrome. The game was released on August 25, 2016 for Android and iOS devices.


  • Tap screen - Jump


Magic Mansion takes place in a building, which players constantly ascend. Each floor is given its own set of traps or enemies that players must avoid by jumping over them. The character walks at its own pace and climbs a ladder automatically upon encountering one. A game ends when the character dies to a hazard, where players are given the option to continue by watching a video advertisement or paying with in-game coins. Players are then scored based on how many floors they climb up to.

Interactive objects

  • Ladders - Allow the character to move from one floor to the next. They can either extend to the ground so that the character has to only walk to them to use one, or only be attached to the above floor so that the character has to jump to reach one.
  • Blocks - Single square cubes that can be found on the ground or fixed in the air, and break on contact from the side with a character, causing them to turn the other direction. Blocks on the ground that are broken will either reveal a coin that is immediately collected or spikes.
  • Coins - Pickups found either in blocks or floating in the air on some floors. They can be collected to purchase additional playable characters.


  • Spikes - Triangular contraptions that stick out of the floor and are sometimes hidden by blocks. They kill the character on any sort of contact.
  • Cannons - Fire a single bullet across the screen when the player is on the same floor as one. A cannon fires constantly until the player leaves its floor.
  • Wrecking balls - Fall onto the floor when the character is directly underneath them.
  • Lava - Appears in pools with safe gaps in between them, which the character must jump over.


  • Slime - Start asleep on the floor they are on, but wake up when the character is on the same floor as one. The slime moves back and forth, and starts by moving toward the character.
  • Ghosts - Similar to slimes in that they start asleep and wake when the player reaches the same floor as one, but they start by moving away from the player as they pace back and forth.
  • Fire creatures - Remain stationary in the floor they are situated on. The room's light turns on and off, concealing their appearance periodically.

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