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Nano Golf is a sports game developed by Rhubarbist and published by Nitrome. It was released March 21st, 2018 on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The objective in the game is to finish 72 minigolf courses with as low amount of shots as possible. The game received an endless sequel in 2019, called Nano Golf: Hole in One.


  • Drag and hold - Adjust the ball's direction and power.
  • Release - Release the ball.


The player's objective is to putt the ball into the hole on each course, with a limited amount of shots which varies depending on the course. To make the ball move, the player must hold their finger down on the screen and move it to determine the ball's direction and the power of the shot. To shoot the ball forward, the player has to release their finger from the screen.


There are 72 different courses separated into four different areas, each with 17 normal courses and one boss course. After beating the boss, the player is rewarded with either a bronze, silver, or gold trophy based on the overall number of shots they performed in the area.

Sunny Meadow

Sunny Meadow is the first and most basic area of the game. It appears as a green field with a darker green background. Sunny Meadow introduces walls, slopes, and conveyor belts as major obstacles.

Twilight Labs

Twilight Labs is the second area of the game. It appears as a blue field with a purple background, in which lightning often strikes. Twilight Labs introduces spikes, gates, portals and lasers as major obstacles.

Pebble Cove

Pebble Cove is the third area of the game. It appears as a green field surrounded by a blue ocean. Pebble Cove introduces water, sand traps, falling blocks, rafts, and springs as major obstacles. In later courses,there will be occasional floods hence heavy rains.

Dune Relics

Dune Relics is the fourth and final area of the game. It appears as an orange field with a darker orange background. Dune Relics introduces colored walls, pressure plates, and duplicate balls as major obstacles. Upon reaching Level 63, courses will take place inside a pyramid and are dimly lit. In some of these levels every part of the course will be covered by darkness, except a circle of light surrounding the ball.