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Slime Pizza is a platform game developed by Neutronized and published by Nitrome. The game was released on January 24th, 2018, on the Apple App Store and January 25th, 2018 on Google Play. It centres around a slime delivery boy who traverses a laboratory after crash landing on a planet.


  • Swipe the screen - Fling the slime


The player controls a green slime by flinging it towards a surface by use of a slingshot-like mechanic. To do so, the player must hold down their finger on the screen and drag it in the opposite direction they want the slime to move. A dotted line appears when the player holds and drags, showing the slime's line of trajectory if the player were to release their finger at that moment. The slime will stick to any plain surface it lands on, including the on walls and ceiling.

Different areas can be accessed by going through yellow doors. After traversing through a few areas, the player then encounters a save room, where they can activate a checkpoint for the cost of some pizza slices.


Areas are connected by yellow doors. Each themed area also has smaller subareas with specific names, displayed on the pause screen. These areas also are distinguished by their checkpoints.

On the checkpoint selection screen, the pizza slice counter determines the number of slices that can be collected before the player reaches the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

Checkpoint 1
Slices 3
Cost N/A
In this area set, the player learns the basic mechanics of the game, including navigation and collecting items.
Slime Pizza Tutorial - Checkpoint 1 - 3

Slime Pizza Tutorial - Checkpoint 1 - 3

A full walkthrough of Checkpoints 1-3.

Spaceship Cockpit

The game begins inside a pizza delivery spaceship, where the slime is next to a computer within the spaceship cockpit. A small flying robot enters from the door above and has a brief exchange with the slime before the computer receives an incoming call. It is from Mr. Minetti, who yells at the duo to quickly finish making their one last delivery. The slime sets new coordinates, when the computer encounters an error.

Robot: Phew - Last pizza was delivered. Let's call it a day.

Slime: Yay! Can I eat pizza leftovers before we go home?

Robot: ...

A ringing sound comes from the computer

Slime: Incoming phone call.

Mr. Minetti: Hey!! Stop slacking you two, I've got one more delivery. [sic] One extra cheese coconut pizza on Planet Kontula13. Hurry up!!

Slime: Space address set. Computer, prepare for new coordinates.

Computer: Setting new coordinates.

The computer briefly pauses

Computer: ...

There is another brief pause

Computer: Error! Virus found! Error! Virus found!

Robot: Uh-oh! This doesn't look good. Slime, let's go check the main computer upstairs.

The player is then given control. A white hand appears on the screen to show the player how to control the slime. The player must move the slime upwards and to the right, where the only yellow door is located.

Spaceship Computer

From here, the player should continue through the passageway, right to the blue screen in the area. When the slime lands in front of the computer, a cutscene is initiated. In it, the slime attempts to run an anti-virus program, but it causes the computer to shut down and the ship to crash.

Robot: Well, it seems all ok here. [sic]

Computer: Error! Virus found! Error! Virus found!

Robot: Uh oh - this doesn't look good.

Slime: Computer, run anti virus program.

Computer: 01001001 00100000 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 00100000 01110011 01101001 01100011 01101011 00100001

The computer screen changes from blue to red.

Computer: Muhaha!!

Slime: Oh no.

Computer: Muhaha!! Executing engine shutdown procedure.

The screen begins to shake; items start to move around.

Robot: Hold on tight slime - we are going down!!

Three slices of pizza are released from the boxes and start getting tossed around with the boxes.

Slime: Oh no! My pizza leftovers!!

The screen fades to black.

Slime: Ouch..

Robot: Slime, are you ok? [sic]

Slime: ..Still in one piece.

The screen fades back to the computer room. The three boxes that were once next to the slime are now blocking the door to the cockpit.

Robot: It seems we crashed onto an unknown planet.

Slime: What? Mr. Minetti is gonna fire us!!

The robot travels towards the door to the player's right and appears to be surprised.

Robot: The exit door is still working. Let's get outta here and have a look around.

After the player is given control, they must move the slime to the door on the right, as the top-left door is blocked off by the three boxes.

Crash Site

The slime emerges from the top, out of the door of the spaceship, now seen from the outside. The player should continue to the right.

Storage Area 1

In this small area, the player is introduced to collectible pizza slices. Three of them are lined up vertically in the passageway leading to the door on the bottom-right. As they are directly within the player's path to the next door, the player will automatically collect them. The robot explains how the checkpoints work, and that the player must have the required number of pizza slices in order to unlock it.

The player then enters the first save room, called Save room 1.

The computer laughs.

Robot: Excellent! This looks like a shiny new save room. Here you [sic] can save your game progress by stepping on the grey platform. Just make sure to always have the required amount of pizza slices.

Slime: Cool - I wanna give it a try!

This checkpoint is the only checkpoint that does not require any pizza slices to be activated.

Checkpoint 2

Checkpoint 2
Slices 15
Cost 3
The player is introduced to buzzsaws, batteries, fans and keys.

Storage Area 2

There are four doors in this area, including the one the player came from. Each door is located in the four corners of the room, with a buzzsaw moving clockwise in a rectangle-shaped trajectory in the centre. Five pizza slices can be obtained here: four are in the corners formed by the ledges beneath and above the four doors, and one is between the two doors at the bottom.

Since the door at the top-right has a lock, the player has to get to the bottom two doors while avoiding the buzzsaw.

Storage Area 3

This area is accessed by going through the door on the bottom-right of Storage Area 2. It is a small room with five crates stacked in a column of three and two. Two pizza slices are lined up vertically on each stack. The player can access this area before or after going to the Keys Room.

Keys Room

The Keys Room is entered through the bottom-left door of Storage Area 2. Here, the player is introduced to the first item of the game: a key.

Robot flies up until it is in line with the key.

Robot: Hey, I've found a key up here. You can unlock doors with this item. Jump on the key to absorb and carry it around.

The slime sweats.

Slime: Ok, I just hope it won't give me a stomach ache. [sic]

The player can then fling the slime up onto the small ledge to obtain the key, then make their way out, back to Storage Area 2. Once again avoiding the buzzsaw, the slime should head upwards and to the right-side door, which can now be unlocked.

Battery Chamber

The next door is directly to the right of the one the player came from. A battery sends an electrical current vertically in periodic moments. The player must avoid this in order to make it safely to the door.

Air Chimney 1

This area mostly involves travelling upwards. Two fans are situated on different ledges, sending a gust of wind upwards from time to time. Three slices of pizza are located above each of these fans. For precise movement to collect the pizza slices, the player should move the slime above the fan when there is no wind. The door is found at the top right, and leads to the checkpoint room.

Checkpoint 3

Checkpoint 3
Slices 12
Cost 3
The player encounters Doggo and is introduced to steam and switches.

Roof 1

As the player enters the area, the screen pans down to a lower passage, where Doggo emerges from the right door.

Doggo looks right and left.

Doggo: ...

Doggo appears to notice something.

Doggo: ..grr

Doggo begins barking and rapidly moving around. Doggo bashes into the left door and is left unconscious for a moment. After regaining consciousness shortly after, Doggo proceeds through the now-open left door.

The next door is located on a high ledge to the right. To get there, the player should fling the slime to a lower ledge just above the door they came from. Two wasps linger around two slices of pizza in the topmost area. Another slice of pizza can be collected from the lower ledge.

Storage Area 4

The player is introduced to steam hazards and a switch. Here, the player must descend along the passageway and flip the switch to the left so that the grey doors at the bottom open. While doing so, they must avoid the steam, which comes out from an area above and below the switch. Two slices of pizza can be collected just below the first cracked pipe the slime can get to.

At the bottom of the room, there is a yellow door to the left and a hidden passage on the right.

Secret Area 1

This dimly lit room contains three slices of pizza on the far right. Water droplets fall from the ceiling, and a mouse can be seen near the pizza. It runs away as the slime flings himself to the right.

Once the player exits the secret area to the left, the slime can make his way to the far left of Storage Area 4, which takes him back to Roof 1, except in the lower hallway where Doggo was seen. Avoiding the steam blast in between the doors, the player should continue to the left.

Storage Area 6

There is a square-shaped enclosed area with a square contraption that spins clockwise at a constant pace. A pipe on the left lets out steam in a rightwards direction onto the left part of the spinning square. Four pizza slices are found here, one in each corner. The player can fling the slime onto the walls and parts of the square that are not exposed to the steam to obtain the pizza slices and then head through the door on the bottom right. This leads to Save Room 3.

Checkpoint 4

Checkpoint 4
Slices 11
Cost 5
This checkpoint introduces the player to Doggo as an enemy. The player has to avoid Doggo to reach farther areas.

Storage Area 6

This area has two yellow doors on the bottom left and right. Above these doors are a grey platform each. The player should make their way to the bottom of the room while avoiding the two battery currents along the way. They will also collect two slices of pizza just below each of the batteries. If the player lands on the right grey platform, the slime can continue through the right side through a hidden accessible opening.

Storage Area 7

Three crates lie on the bottom-right, covering a step. Three slices of pizza can be found above the set of crates. Steam blasts downwards onto the crates and pizza slices. A yellow door can be found directly to the left of the crates.

If the player waits long enough here, Doggo will eventually enter and begin patrolling the room. The player can use this tactic to avoid Doggo chasing the slime as he makes his way back to Storage Area 6. Once in Storage Area 6, the player should continue through the bottom-left door.

Storage Area 8

This room has a ledge leading to another door at the top-left, while a grey platform sticks out adjacent to it. Two slices of pizza can be collected above the grey platform. Doggo can enter this area, but as long as the slime is on the same level as the grey ledge, he cannot be hit.

Pipe Room 1

When the player reaches this area, the slime is safe from Doggo and will no longer be pursued. Here, the player is introduced to the pipe, where they can obtain two slices of pizza. Then, they can go through the yellow door seen just to the right of the pipe's exit. This leads to Save Room 4.

Checkpoint 5

Checkpoint 5
Slices 12
Cost 5
This is the first part of the sewer areas. The player is introduced to water, Kraken creatures and the anchor item.

Sewer Entrance

The player will see two squares lined vertically between spiked walls, though both are still. Rather than going up, the player should move the slime to the right door first.

Bufo Grotto

Slime Pizza Sewer Area - Checkpoint 4 - 6

Slime Pizza Sewer Area - Checkpoint 4 - 6

This room is found to the right of Sewer Entrance. A small brown frog can be seen hopping around the bottom portion, where a switch resides. The water water level rises and lowers continuously, reaching high enough levels to just cover the switch. The player should flip the switch to the left, then exit.

Upon returning to the sewer entrance, the two squares will now be seen spinning, one in a counter-clockwise direction, and the other in a clockwise direction. The player can fling the slime onto each of these squares, which allows them to collect the two slices of pizza seen next to each of the squares and ascend upward safely. Two doors are seen at the top, and the player should proceed through the one without a lock, to the left.

Sewer Drain

A long narrow basin contains three slices of pizza and a key at the very bottom. To reach the key, the player must time it so that the water is not present in the basin. They can take the three slices of pizza at any time and then exit to the right.

Now with the key absorbed, the slime can unlock the right side door.

Kraken Liar [sic] 1

As the player descends the room, they will encounter a Kraken creature and a pit of water below. There are four pizza slices in this room: one next to the wall where the Kraken creature pops out from and three at the bottom of the water. When the player enters this room, they will be unable to get the pizza slices at the bottom and have to go through the door to their right, above the water.

Sewer Area 1

The player is introduced to the anchor, which is on a small ledge above a narrow, tall, basin of water. After obtaining the item, the slime can go back to Kraken Liar [sic] 1 to collect the three slices in the water. He can then return to Sewer Area 1 and flip the switch in the water to open the grey doors above. The player will collect the three slices of pizza in the water upon doing so. This brings the player to Save Room 5.

Checkpoint 6

Checkpoint 6
Slices 9
Cost 5

Sewer Area 2

Doggo is seen patrolling the bottom floor, next to a switch. A slice of pizza is just above the opening where Doggo patrols. The player has to avoid Doggo in order to activate the switch, which can be done by waiting for Doggo to move into the adjacent room (Sewer Area 3). Flipping this switch allows the player to cross between the top and bottom levels of Sewer Area 3.

Sewer Area 3

There are three yellow doors here: two on the left, both leading to either the top or bottom levels of Sewer Area 2, and one on the bottom right. Two slices of pizza can be collected, one above each of the bottom two doors. The player should wait for Doggo to sleep or go through the left doors before they can proceed to the right.

Sewer Area 4

This area is accessed through the right door in Sewer Area 3. Two buzzsaws move in a rectangular outline clockwise, each touching the side of a smaller rectangular block in the middle of the otherwise open space. There are two slices of pizza, one to the right and left of the rectangular block. The player should collect these pieces while avoiding the buzzsaws, and must be careful not to linger on the floor next to the bottom yellow door at risk of being seen by Doggo. They can continue upwards through the door on the upper right corner.

Piranha Tank

The player will encounter two piranhas for the first time in the game. They are seen swimming in a pool of water just below the ledge the slime is situated on. The slime can use the chained platform to boost himself up through the two grey platforms while avoiding the battery current sandwiched between them. A slice of pizza can be seen bordered by a green barrier. To collect it, the player can fling the slime to the ceiling and then enter from the left side of the small enclosure. The slime can then continue left through the yellow door.

Kraken Liar [sic] 2

This area contains two Kraken creatures, and mostly involves ascending to reach the door at the top. A slice of pizza is seen next to each Kraken, with one at the very top, next to the door. Going through this door leads to Save Room 6.

Checkpoint 7

Checkpoint 7
Slices 10
Cost 7

Piranha Tank 2

In this room, there is a pool of water at the bottom, with two slices of pizza and a piranha guarding a lever. Above the water is a spinning square block and above that are two ledges facing inward on either side. The left ledge has an anchor, while the right side has a yellow door.

Sewer Area 5

If the player goes through the right door on the ledge in Piranha Tank 2, they will enter this small room. Here, the slime can absorb the slingshot, seen above two crates. Upon going back to Piranha Tank 2, the slime can use the slingshot to kill the piranha in the water, then take the anchor in the same room to sink down and flip the switch. Doing so causes the water level to rise.

Secret Area 2

The green vertically oriented barriers on the other side of the door at the bottom provide access into this secret area. There is a pool of water with some frogs floating atop the surface. Two pizza slices lie at the bottom. The player needs to have the anchor in order to obtain these slices.

Back in Piranha Tank 2, the player can use the water to propel themselves upward and to the left, while also obtaining the pizza slice at the top.

Kraken Liar [sic] 3

A Kraken rests in wait above the proceeding doors on the left. Above a small rectangular block lie two slices of pizza. The player should get the Kraken to lash out fully while avoiding its attack and collect the slices of pizza as the Kraken retracts into the wall. This can be done by flinging the slime into the Kraken's trajectory and then quickly retreating to the floor. A small cavity holds an anchor in between the two yellow doors.

Pipe Room 2

This room introduces the player to switching arrows found within the pipe. If the player enters the pipe at the incorrect time, the slime will be repelled back to the door in which he came from. If the player goes through the pipe at the correct time, the slime will end up at the top of the room, to the right of the next door. They can reenter the pipe and time it so the arrow just below them faces to the right in order to obtain the three slices of pizza found within the tube. The player should then get the slime to go through the pipe again with the green arrow facing upwards so that they can proceed through the next door. This takes the player to Save Room 7.

Checkpoint 8

Checkpoint 8
Slices 10

Z Lab Hall

This room introduces the player to melted cheese. The player must fling the slime onto the exposed grey pipes so that the slime will stick onto the walls. They will also collect the slices of pizza next to each of these pipes in the process. Once at the top, the player can send the slime to the left, all the way through the wall.

Secret Area 3

In this small room, there are three pizza slices in a row along the ceiling. A mouse can be seen among a group of crates. The slime can collect these pieces and then go back out to the right. The player can then continue right once in the Z Lab Hall, through the door to proceed to the next area.

Z Lab Area 1

The passage in this room is in a zigzag. Two buzzsaws can be seen here, rotating along the outline of the thin long platforms that jut out from the walls. Melted cheese covers the entirety of these platforms, along with the right side of the wall. To reach the bottom, the player has to fling the slime onto the longer platforms below when the buzzsaw is not in the slime's path. The only safe spot to avoid getting hit by the saws is the left wall.

As soon as the player has reached the lowest part of the room, they will see two doors separated by a ledge. The door at the bottom-most has a lock, so the slime must go through the one on the higher level. A slice of pizza can also be collected here on the left side, between the two doors.

Laser Room 1


In the game, there are seven so-called laboratories. Each laboratory has its own colour palette, hazards, enemies and features. They can be accessed anytime through the checkpoints you have unlocked. Excluding slime's ship and the tutorial area, the rest are laboratories.

Laboratory Description Colour palette
Sewer lab area
  • This lab area has water in it.
  • Here, pirhanas and krakens are the main enemies
  • Seaweed and green pipes are always here
Dark green
Z - lab area
  • This is where cheese is first encountered
  • Cheesespiders are the main enemies here
  • The fan, pipes with gas leaks and lasers are common here
Dark purple
Water lab area
  • This is where water is often found
  • Delivery tubes for the slime are always here
  • Here, pirhanas are the main enemies
Dark turquoise
Fire lab area
  • Barrels and crates which can be burnt down are always here
  • Fire hazards are the most common
  • The snails are the main enemies, along with the pirhanas
Dark red
Cryo lab area
  • Meltable ice and snow is only here
  • Platforms can be icy, making them slippery
  • You are at risk of getting hit by the icicles
  • Mecha penguins are the main enemies
Dark cyan
Gears lab area
  • This place mainly has gears in it
  • Buttons which can switch gravity in one room are occasionaly available
  • Bats are the main enemies here
Orange to brown
Final lab area
  • There are barrels full of acid(purple water) here
  • The acid dripping from leaky pipes and in tanks are the main hazards
  • Robot minions are only found here
White and colourless


  • If the player goes through a grey platform from the bottom, the slime can sometimes get stuck, with a part of its body still sticking through the other side of the platform. This makes it impossible for the player to fling the slime upwards, though the slime will revert back to its normal state upon entering another room.


  • May 5th, 2017 - Neutronized announced on Twitter that they are working on the game and posted a preview.
  • May 19th, 2017 - Neutronized posted a preview GIF of the slime being killed by a laser.
  • June 15th, 2017 - Neutronized posted a preview GIF showing the slime interacting with a dog.
  • June 23rd, 2017 - Gionathan Pesaresi posted on his Twitter account a preview GIF of a dog interacting with the slime.
  • June 29th, 2017 - Neutronized posted a preview GIF showing the slime interacting with a key.
  • July 5th, 2017 - Neutronized posted a preview GIF showing the slime in a level with water.
  • July 12th, 2017 - Neutronized posted a preview GIF showing the slime with an object trying to ascend a vertical area.
  • July 17th, 2017 - Neutronized posted a preview GIF showing the slime encountering a spider enemy.
  • August 29th, 2017 - Neutronized posted a preview GIF showing the slime interacting with two rooms.
  • September 15th, 2017 - Neutronized posted a preview GIF showing the slime in a room interacting with an object that flips the room and mentioned that they were working on the game's final levels.
  • September 22nd, 2017 - Neutronized mentioned that they were revising the game's levels in order to add more details, and showed one example of a level before and after it had been revised.
  • October 3rd, 2017 - Neutronized posted a preview GIF showing the start of the game.


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Neutronized announced on May 5th, 2017, that they were working on the game[1]. On July 13th, 2017, Neutronized mentioned that the game was nearly halfway complete and that they were planning to release it later in 2017[2]. On July 18th, 2017, Neutronized mentioned that the game would be available on the iOS and Android platforms[3]. On September 15th, 2017, Neutronized posted on Twitter a preview GIF and that they were working on the game's final levels[4]. On September 22nd, 2017, Neutronized posted on Twitter that they were revising all the game's levels in order to add more details, and showed an example of one level[5].

On October 3rd, 2017, Neutronized mentioned that they were polishing and tweaking the game and that the majority of the game's levels had been finished[6]. They also announced that DreamsBell was composing music for the game[7].

The game became available to pre-order on the App Store as early as January 12th, 2018 with a released date of January 24th, 2018[8]. The game was released on January 24th, 2018, on the App Store[9] and released the following day on Google Play[10].

At one point during development, Neutronized had to redo significant parts of the game[11].

Later Neutronized published the browser version in, associated with flash game series Slime Laboratory published by Neutronized in


  • This is the second Nitrome game that was created by Neutronized. Drop Wizard Tower was the first.
  • The game is based on Slime Laboratory and its sequel, Slime Laboratory 2. Both of which were created by Neutronized.


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