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Spike City is a puzzle platforming game developed by Joseph Gribbin and published by Nitrome. It was released during on May 2nd, 2018, on the App Store and May 3rd, 2018, on Google Play.


Swipe to move in any direction. You will come in contact with the wall or floor sometimes. In order to hold on, swipe and hold in the direction you went.


The game was released on May 2nd, 2018, on the App Store[1] and the following day on Google Play[2]. It was created by Joseph Gribbin.


In Spike City, you move through the endless mode, getting through puzzels, while trying to escape the spiked lava, while also trying to get as many coins as possible. Once the player gets 50 coins, they can buy levels mode, where they can play through 4 sets of levels, that go 4 levels, then a boss. Coins can also used to buy faces, spikes, skins, and upgrade powerups. 


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    Nitrome on Twitter: [3]: ... Get it on Android ..., 3 May 18, retrieved 5 May 18.
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