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Sprint RPG is a first person dungeon RPG crawler by Fungus and published by Nitrome. The game was released on June 11, 2019 for iOS and is set to be released for Android devices at a later date.


  • Hit button on screen - Execute action


The player proceeds through a dungeon by pressing on-screen buttons while defending themselves and attacking enemies. Playthroughs have a timer and upon executing the wrong action, a portion of the metre will deplete, thus giving the player even less time to progress. The timer stalls when the player executes the attack action at the appropriate time.


Sprint RPG has fifteen levels, each introducing a new component. A triangle appears below the timer and moves incrementally to the right for each correct action that is carried out. When the triangle has moved all the way to the end of the progress bar, players are able to proceed to the door, of which they have to attack the door and move forward in order to complete the level.

If players are unsuccessful at completing a level they have just moved on to, they are given a time limited opportunity to continue by watching an advertisement or paying fifty coins before they are sent back to the previous level. Players must complete the last level they were victorious in before they are able to re-attempt the proceeding stage again.


These are the achievements that can be acquired:

Name Requirement Points
Baby Steps Beat level 1 100
Stuff of Legends Beat level 10
Long Live the King Beat the game
It Never Ends Unlock the Endless game mode
Collector Find ten artifacts
Hoarder Find all artifacts
Chicken Quit the game
Kind Soul Pet the dog 100 times
Bookworm Flip through 100 book pages
Super Saver Have more than 1000 coins


  • Exiting to the menu screen in the middle of a level or on the level select screen causes the game to play a clucking sound effect to imply the player is "chicken", as reflected in the in-game achievement of the same name.
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