Winter Retro Horror

Retro is the third skin made for the Nitrome website, released sometime in 2008. It is designed to look like the screen of the first itineration of the Game Boy.


The entire skin is shades of green without the use of any other colours.

At the top of the skin, Yin is seen standing on a platform with some trees. A panda is seen at the right side of the platform. Some lines are at the panda's right, which a black ball, a maggot and a walking alligator are on. Two knights are floating on balloons near the right side of the rope.

In the middle of the skin, on the right side, wizard is standing on a platform, under the two knights. The platform is connected to another platform by a track which the cactus men on their hand car are on. Attached to the track and present further down it is a cable car filled with three passengers. Another point on the track has two seagulls near it, with the left seagull seen dropping a bomb. There is another platform on the right side with a green goon floating in mid-air, this platform connected via a bridge to another platform left of it. On this level platform, a fly is a near a pipe that is pointing out at the top and bottom of the platform. The spider is next to the bottom part of the pipe.

At the bottom section of the skin, Norman Noggin is seen stuck to some slime from sticky green blocks, and a bird is seen next to him. A frog is present on a lower platform and which appears to be standing on slime from a sticky green block. An orange nose enemy is walking on higher up platform, and on a platform to the left of this one, the moon is seen emerging from a pipe.

On the bottom right side of the skin, there are two high platforms that are both connected by a bridge, this bridge having a green lizard on it. A troll is standing on the right-hand platform. Two squids are seen jumping up from the water below the bridge, one at each side of the bridge. Two jellyfishes are submerged in the water, with the submarine near one of them.


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Retro tileA pipe from Cheese Dreams)A robotic PandaCactus MenA Cable CarNorman NogginA Frog from SkywireThe spider from DangleA FlyA Green GoonYinThe Black BallA SeagullA Seagullthe MoonAn orange nose enemyA bird from Yin YangA MaggotThe submarine from AquanautA trolls from Square MealA Walking alligatorJellyfishKnights from Magic TouchThe WizardSquidA green lizardThe elastic lines in Twing


  • Cheese Dreams - The moon and a pipe from Cheese Dreams appear in the skin, two months prior to the game's release.

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