Rider dark creatures are enemies in the Twin Shot series as well in Nitrome Must Die.


A dark creature (skinnier and smaller than usual form) is riding a dark purple boar. The dark creature is carrying a curved silver sword. The boar is purple, it has one visible long purple ear, one visible small light purple eye and one pink nose bigger than its eye. It has four purple legs and a thin tail. The dark creature is black, thin, and tall, and it has two arms, two legs and two white eyes.

Game information

Rider dark creatures are named after the dark creature that is riding on a purple pig.

Twin Shot series

Rider dark creatures will ride back and forth on the platform they are placed on. They also hold a sword. If the rider dark creature turns toward the player and sees them, it will begin charging at them at a high speed. If the player is too far away, the pig returns to normal speed. It can be shot with an arrow even when they charge. When a dark creature is on a pig, they appear smaller and skinnier than usual. Rider dark creatures are one of the least recurring enemies in the Twin Shot series.

Later, it was revealed at the end of the good levels that a purple pig that the dark creatures rode was cooked and served as meal in the celebration feast for the angels' victory over the war. This indicates that the purple pig is an inhabitant of the land the angels live in (they do not naturally live there), or were domesticated by the dark creatures.

Nitrome Must Die

Although the dark creature that rides the purple pig does not appear in Nitrome Must Die, the pig itself is rode, only in one level. On that level, four executives are spawned out of pipes, riding the pigs. The room where they appear in is rectangularly shaped.

The pigs will run to one side of the room and to the other side. The player will be hurt if they collide with them, but not hurt that much. The executives will crack their whip at the player as they come close, this being their only attack until they are brought off the beast.

The player can only damage the executives if they shoot them from behind the beast while jumping, as shooting while standing on the bottom floor will only harm the pig. Once the pig is killed, the executive will fall to the ground and begin fighting there.

In Twin Shot series
In Nitrome Must Die
Rider Dark thing Charging Rider

Other appearances

  • 100th Game skin - An executive is seen riding a purple pig.


  • When the pig and rider are charging, the dark creature will swing the sword above his head. Also, the pig's ears will perk upwards instead of being in their normal position, which is to droop downwards.

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