This article is about rings from Temple Glider. For rings from Cold Storage, please see Yellow rings.

Rings of light are interactive objects in the game Temple Glider.


Rings of light appear as sparkling yellow rings that are just large enough for the player to go through.

Game information

Rings of light are scattered around levels and first appear on level one. Rings of light serve no real purpose other than to get points. The rings of light the Egyptian bird flies through will disappear when flown through.

The rings of light will return to their original places and have to be flown through again if the player dies before reaching a black sarcophagus. They will disappear for good (or until the player ends the level) when the player reaches a black sarcophagus. Also, the players' score may reset if they get hit by an enemy and respawn without flying to another sarcophagus.

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