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Rock (Canary)


Rock is one of the main objects in Canary. Rock is what Asteroid 512 is made of, and what the Canaries built Canary Mining Colony CM08 on.


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Rocks appears brown, and seems to be made up out of other rocks.

Game information


The Canaries came to Asteroid 512 when they found it was rich with crystals in the rock. The Canaries built mining equipment to drill through the rocks and harvest the crystals.



Rocks are plentiful on Asteroid 512, and make up the entire asteroid. Some rocks are seen to have a purple plant like thing on it. It is unknown whether it is a common plant or of alien origin.


All miner Canaries in the mining colony are equipped with laser guns, which fire a blue coloured laser that projects a bigger orange laser through the rock, and once the orange laser reaches the end of the rock, the rock will be cut off from whatever it was attached to.

Alien Larva

An alien larva-infected rock


Strangely, rock can be corrupted by alien larvae. When corrupted by an alien larvae, pink tentacles will be present all over the rock, along with sometimes a blue alien larva eye.


Drill head squids - Squids with a sabotaged Canary big drill on their head - were used by the aliens to tunnel though the rock in the mining colony. Canary miners tunnel through the area with their laser guns.


When the mining colony was established, metal structures were built on top of the rock for easier movement of other materials. Although rocks can be easily cut up with the laser gun, it is quite strong, and can be used a shield against other enemies, and can even destroy other enemies.


Although corrupted rock always harms the player, regular rock in some situations can harm the player also. If rock falls down and Canary 214-LE touches even the sides of the falling rock, he will lose health.

Effect of gravity

Rock will also be effected by gravity from gravity orbs, and can even be moved, effected, or unaffected by gravity.


Regular rock

Regular rock is the common brown rock encountered. It can be cut through with the player's laser. However, the longer the rock, the longer it takes for the player has to cut through it. Rock sometimes has to be cut to kill enemies, seal in an area, destroy and out of reach object, some other purpose, or to simply be passed.

Corrupted rock

When the rock is corrupted, it will damage other Canaries on contact. Nevertheless, corrupted rock can still be cut through, and will not harm pink-skinned aliens.

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