The Saboteur jumpmaster is a variation of the Saboteur man block in Steamlands.



The jumpmaster is a cannon-shaped machine with a gold coloured base that has a fence-like structure behind it. A ladder is placed on the jumpmaster that the saboteur climbs to get into the cannon.


The saboteur himself is identical to the regular saboteur.

Game information

The jumpmaster works like the usual saboteur, the player has to click on the jumpmaster and then on the block they wish the saboteur to damage. When they have selected the block, the saboteur will climb into the jumpmaster and be fired into the air, where he will descend on the enemy tank with a parachute.

When the saboteur is on a tank, he does the same actions and has the same weaknesses as a usual saboteur. The saboteur cannot be shot while in the sky. The saboteur jumpmaster starts at 450 health points, which can be increased to 495. The saboteur shop upgrades will also increase the damage rate or health of the saboteur jumpmaster.

If the saboteur jumpmaster is shot when a block is attached above him, he will fall off. On the bottom left side of the jumpmaster is a red circular light, which tells if the jumpmaster can be used. The jumpmaster is the only mechanical tank advantage that actually shows an operation light. A saboteur can be seen standing at the foot of the jumpmaster, awaiting orders, when he is not commanded to do anything.

This version of the saboteur is considerably better than the regular saboteur, as the fired saboteur will not be noticed by the enemy, giving the saboteur more time to attack.



The beta jumpmaster

A beta version of the jumpmaster was seen in the Steamlands screenshot posted on Facebook and included in a Facebook post by Nitrome on September 23rd 2011. This image was never released on Nitrome's website for unknown reasons. In the picture was what seems to be a beta version of the jumpmaster. The beta jumpmaster had the appearance of a cannon with three curved pipe like metal legs.

The cannon had a red top, while most of the cannon was silver coloured. On the bottom of the cannon, in the middle, was a red circular light exactly like the one seen in the final version. The three curved pipe like metal legs were attached to the light, with the other end of the legs attached to whatever surface they were placed on. No ladder was present on the beta jumpmaster, and it looked quite different than the final version.

The cannon and light were implemented into the final version of the jumpmaster, only the top of the cannon in the final version had a golden colour instead of a red colour.

Saboteur Jumpmaster Shop Items

Saboteur Health 1 Saboteur Damage Rate 1
Image: S2 S1
Price: £2500 £1500
Tag: Health Damage Rate
Result: Health increases to 220 (Man Block)/495 (Jumpmaster) Increases Damage speed (Jumpmaster and Man Block)
Description: Reinforcing those rooms the men are in comes at a price. And each different room requires completely different reinforcement. Mr. Chimley-Buttersmythe, inventor extraordinaire, is in town. He's willing to equip your Saboteur's with high quality picks so they can damage enemy tank faster. For a price...
Level: Super Paratrooper Big Jobs
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