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This article is about worms from Bad Ice-Cream 3. For worms from other games, please see Worm.

Sandworms are enemies in the game Bad Ice-Cream 3.


Sandworms are pink worm creatures with six orange feet and four fangs. Their eyes and lips are orange, and their mouth is circular and has four fangs arranged with one on each side of the mouth. Their underbelly is purple while the rest of their body is a pale pink colour, most likely due to spending lots of time underground. Their eyes resemble their feet.

Game information

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Sandworms are enemies that can dig underground that first appear on level four. They can burrow under regular snowy ground and under ice blocks, but cannot burrow underneath metal ground. When they are underground, the part of the ground they are moving through can be singled out by a large hump in the ground. When they burrow under ice blocks, the ice block they are under will be raised slightly. They are extremely slow when above ground. They cannot go back underground if they are standing on metal. If they resurface when under an ice block, the ice block will break.