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The sea turtle is the first boss in the game Skywire 2. It is mostly underwater, and is generally just waving its flippers about. It is a giant green mechanical turtle with a shell. When moving it, pulls its flippers and head close to its body, and after a few seconds, starts moving its flipper and head around.

Game information

Skywire 2



The head

Its top flippers move around near the first bend, and the bend heading down into the water. Its other attack is sticking its head up, covering some of the top track, then letting it go back down. In the water, its two bottom flippers will move near the cable.

It will move around the cable a lot, making it hard to pass. Frequently, it will freeze its flipper in one position, usually its flipper stopping while over a cable.


When starting, the player should start moving. They should start moving past the top cable while the Flippers are down, then head straight down into the water, They should take caution when passing underwater flippers, as they can be hard to avoid. When up out of the water, they should beware of the top right flipper when going up.

It is possible to beat this level by going straight forward and not stopping if the player waits until the first arm has moved downwards before constantly moving. This will prevent the cable car from getting hit by the turtle's left arm, thus allowing for two hits, one from the right arm and left leg. If the player begins moving the cable car immediately, the cable car will hit the left arm and make it impossible to beat the level.

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