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Missing information: No information provided. offers several services. While offering much free content, they also offer sell music and premium games. Below is a list of's services.



Main article: Shop

Nitrome opened up a shop in 2010. Nitrome sold content here and also had some free content.


Main article: Music

Nitrome has made many of the music played in their games available for purchase and several music selling sites like iTunes and Napstar.


Main article: Freebies

Nitrome offers some free content in there store also. First introduced in December 2010, Nitrome has included designs that can be printed out and folded to make a Nitrome character or enemy, this concept called papercraft.

iPhone + iPod touch

Main article: Super Feed Me and Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage

Nitrome introduced this section to tell users about Nitrome content on the iPhone. Currently, this section links to Super Feed as well as the Ice Breaker iOS website, but in the future, likely after Super Feed Me's and Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage's release, include information about other Nitrome content on the iPhone. There is also a section which hinted toward a future iOS game titled "Top Secret", which was later revealed to be Gunbrick mobile.


Main article: MochiCoins

Nitrome set up a page which lists the purchasable content for there Mochicoins enabled games, Twin Shot 2 and B.C. Bow Contest. This section will likely never be updated as Nitrome will no longer implement Mochicoins into their games. Mochicoins have been discontinued.

Distributable games

Main article: Distributable games

Nitrome has allowed for a small number of their games to be used on other sites. These games can be fully completed, and are free.

Licensing games

Nitrome allows for many of there games to be licensed and used on other sites for a sum of money. Nitrome has to be contacted if someone wishes to license their games, and not all games may be available for license, but will eventually be made available.

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