Simon Hunter was a Nitrome art and gameplay designer. He left Nitrome in 2009. He currently works for Playfish/Maxis as an art director[2].


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Art style

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Game Date (Y/M/D) Notes
Toxic 2007/07/18 With Mat Annal
Nanobots 2007/10/09
Headcase 2007/11/14
Snow Drift 2007/12/14
Aquanaut 2008/02/14
Go Go UFO 2008/03/04
Dirk Valentine 2008/03/27
Small Fry 2008/06/30 With Jon Annal and Mat Annal
Final Ninja 2008/07/24
Mallet Mania 2008/09/11
In the Dog House 2008/09/18
Bomba 2008/11/03
Toxic II 2008/11/25 With Mat Annal
Fat Cat 2008/12/04
Pixel Pop 2009/01/07
Flash Cat 2009/01/21
Final Ninja Zero 2009/04/08
Droplets 2009/05/22
Parasite 2009/07/13
Nebula 2009/09/15
Graveyard Shift 2009/10/16
Sucknblo (Uncredited) Cancelled 550x550
Image of the game taken from
Simon Hunter's website.
Rubble Trouble 2010/01/29
Rubble Trouble Tokyo 2011/07/28 Legacy art
Rubble Trouble Moscow 2011/12/21 Legacy art


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