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Skin refers to one of twenty selectable themes that customize the colour palette and background of


Nitrome's first skin is Classic, launched in November 2006 in conjunction with Nitrome's first site update ( 1.2). One year after the release of Classic, Winter was added to the website during the winter season of 2007.

Around two skins were released every year after 2007. 2011 holds the record for the most number of skins created in a year - a total of five skins. The rate of new skin releases fell after the release of 100th Game: There was almost a year's gap between it and Touchy, which was released in October 2012Avalanche was released in December 2013, with Ditto released in April 2014. The latest skin is The Bricks, released in January 2015.



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Ever since Classic, skins have featured characters from games not yet released on Often, this includes the main characters of the game, alongside the game components. Most "hints" in skins are distinguishable from other objects in the environment.

Colour palette

Since Classic, some skins were based on a monochromatic colour scheme. In Classic, the base colour is pink, while blue is the palette for Winter, green for Retro, purple for the Horror, white for Snowman, brown for Factory and red for Jam 2014.



Some skins are based entirely off a single game to commemorate its release. These skins feature components exclusive to the game itself, and will sometimes feature components exclusive to the skin. These skins include Steampunk (based mainly off of Steamlands) and 100th Game (based off of Nitrome Must Die).


There are also skins which commemorate a special occasion. Party commemorates the release of Nitrome's fiftieth game. 100th Game commemorates the release of Nitrome's one hundredth game. Touchy commemorates the release of Nitrome Touchy. Icebreaker commemorates the release of Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.

Website layout

Skins not only affect the background of, but also the colour of the components on the site. For example, selecting the Classic skin will change the panels and buttons to pink. The skin changes the background, the colour of the buttons, and the colour of the navigation panels of the website.


Skins can be selected from the "Skins" page within[1]. The skin chosen affects the look across the entire site.

On the skins page, an array of thumbnails revealing the different skin options is presented, along with an orange border to show the skin currently selected. Hovering the mouse cursor over a thumbnail reveals each skin's name, highlighted by an orange border around the option selected by the cursor. By clicking on the thumbnail, the skin is selected and will be applied across the entire website.

A viewer can change the skin by clicking the thumbnail with a snippet of the desired skin. This thumbnail is actually a link (with a URL) to change the skin. The viewer can also enter this URL directly into the address bar to change the skin. Omitting the skin's name and number within the URL, however, results in a glitch that hinders the functionality of the website.

Skin settings

Preference of the skin's appearance can also be selected within the "Skins" page. These settings require browser cookies to be enabled in order for settings to retain themselves.

  • Latest - The site is automatically updated with the latest skin upon its release. This is the default setting.
  • Selected - The most active skin chosen from the "Skins" page stays, even when a new skin is released on the site.
  • Random - Selects a skin randomly from the "Skins" page every time a web browser enters

List of skins




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Nitrome's glitch "skin"

  • When Nitrome updated their site layout, the skins page did not update with the rest of the site. If the player clicked to go to the skins page, the site would still be shown in the original 2.0 layout.
  • A glitch "skin" could occur when the URL was accessed in a browser. This would cause the site's background to turn white and the tabs light grey. No buttons were functional under this glitch "skin". This link is no longer accessible and redirects to


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