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Skywire VIP is a spin-off to the Skywire series, released February 9, 2010. Players are challenged to guess the names of historical and modern famous characters appearing as bean people.


Letter Keys - Type the name of the character


A Cable car will drop off a Bean Person on the stage, and the player has to write where the character is from, or the characters name. If the player gets stuck, they can click a spotlight with a "?" on a yellow background to get a hint, but when they complete the question, they only get 50 points, instead of the usual 100.

Menu Intro dialogue

  • In the menu intro, Heather is wearing a blue dress and a tiara, while Mat is in a black suit.
[Mat and Heather jump up onto the stage]
Heather: Ladies and Gentlemen...
Mat: Boys and Girls...
Heather: ...Cats and Dogs...
Mat: And ...and everybody else!
Heather: Welcome to the Skywire VIP event!
Mat: It's a very exciting time for the Skywire Corporation.
Heather: It will be the first time people get to see the new park.
Mat: Lots of famous faces will be putting in an appearance.
Heather: And we will do a bit of star-spotting.
Mat: Who knows who we might see?
Heather: Stars from both past and present.
Mat: ...everyone from Musicians to Movie-stars.
Heather: Even the most unlikely characters might show up.
Mat. So without further ado...
Heather: ...lets get on with the show!
Mat: ...
Heather: ...
Mat: Are they still reading this?!
Heather: ?
Mat: This is quite embarrassing!
Heather: Why haven't the curtains gone up!
Mat: I think someone needs to press the big play button!
Heather: ...
Mat: Who's in charge of the big play button!
Heather: I thought you were!
Mat: Well it's too late now!
Heather: What shall we do?
Mat: Well lets start over and hope no one notices.
Skywire VIP B

Skywire VIP B

The beginning of Skywire VIP


The game features 100 questions. These are the answers (in order).


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  1. Batman
  2. Little Red Riding Hood
  3. Count Dracula
  4. Robin Hood
  5. Off The Rails
  6. Harry Potter
  7. Super Mario Bros.
  8. Dirk Valentine
  9. Santa Claus
  10. Ghostbusters
  11. Star Wars
  12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  13. Headcase
  14. Sesame Street
  15. The Statue of Liberty
  16. The Addams Family
  17. Humpty Dumpty
  18. Spiderman
  19. The Simpsons
  20. Pirates of the Caribbean
  21. The Beatles
  22. Spongebob Squarepants
  23. Superman
  24. Elvis Presley
  25. Mickey Mouse
  26. The Wizard of Oz
  27. Scooby Doo
  28. The Blues Brothers
  29. Shrek
  30. Mary Poppins
  31. Frankenstein's Monster
  32. Yin Yang
  33. Adam and Eve
  34. Star Trek
  35. The Spice Girls
  36. Queen Elizabeth
  37. James Bond
  38. Abraham Lincoln
  39. Toy Story
  40. Final Ninja
  41. Sonic the Hedgehog
  42. Bigfoot
  43. Kiss
  44. Albert Einstein
  45. The A Team
  46. South Park
  47. Thriller
  48. Square Meal
  49. Tutankhamun
  50. King Arthur
  51. The Osbournes
  52. The Invisible Man
  53. Lara Croft
  54. Skywire
  55. Ronald McDonald
  56. Laurel and Hardy
  57. Neil Armstrong
  58. Will Smith
  59. Queen
  60. Wayne's World
  61. Medusa
  62. Transformers
  63. Bruce Lee
  64. Austin Powers
  65. Tasmanian Devil
  66. The Muppet Show
  67. Abba
  68. Wallace and Gromit
  69. Metal Gear Solid
  70. Marilyn Manson
  71. Legend of Zelda
  72. Crocodile Dundee
  73. Marilyn Monroe
  74. Amy Winehouse
  75. The Matrix
  76. Henry VIII
  77. Toxic
  78. Admiral Nelson
  79. Lemmings
  80. Indiana Jones
  81. Garfield
  82. Napoleon Dynamite
  83. Julius Caesar
  84. Beetlejuice
  85. The X Files
  86. Uncle Sam
  87. Halo
  88. Lego
  89. The Terminator
  90. Futurama
  91. Street Fighter II
  92. Resident Evil
  93. The Mummy
  94. Scrubs
  95. Back to the Future
  96. Alien
  97. Lost
  98. He-Man
  99. Family Guy
  100. Frost Bite




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All of the Bean Characters from the game are on stage. Heather and Mat are in the font, and start talking.
Heather: Ladies and Gentlemen...
Heather: Well folks we're now at the end of our show!
Mat: And what a show it was...
Heather: Everyone turned up who was invited!
Mat: As well as a few who weren't!
Heather: Ah you have to love those z-listers.
Mat: And with that there's only one thing left to say...
Heather: Good night and have a safe journey home!
Mat: Hey that was my line!
Heather: I thought maybe it should be my turn to finish.
Mat: But... It was my line... I'm the star!
Heather: I hate you... you never let me speak!
Mat: Yeah well maybe you shouldn't!
Heather: I'm the popular one!
Mat: Is that the best you can do?
Heather: I can do better... just keep going.
Mat: Are we really going to sit here and argue?
Heather: Well we haven't got any legs so what else are we going to do?
Mat: We could at least not do it in front of the gamers.
Heather: When else are we going to do it...
Mat: ...When the game is closed...
Heather: ...Do we even exist?
Mat: Maybe we should keep on talking so they don't close us down.
Heather: ...But I have run out of things to say.
Mat: Oh great now you finally shut up... Typical!
Heather: ...
Mat: ...
Heather: Please don't close us!
Mat: There's more game honest!
Heather: Just give it a minute!
Mat: I'm sure it will load up secret levels or something!
Heather: Or maybe if you wait long enough...
Mat: We can get an artist to make more pixel people.
Heather: As long as it's not Mat.
Mat: Why not Mat?
Heather: Look what he did with my hair!
Mat: Whats wrong with it?
Heather: Whats right with it?
Mat: There's not a pixel out of place!
Heather: How can you tell? There are so few pixels!
Mat: Yeah I don't get it - why didn't he draw us bigger?
Heather: He sure is Lazy.
Mat: I would watch what you say...
Heather: Why?
Mat: Well if he did the art maybe he wrote this text too?
Heather: Flibliwibbledooblewam!
Mat: Thats definitely Mat... he's getting you back!
Heather: I'm really a man in a dress!
Mat: There he goes... doesn't know when to stop!
Heather: How do you know he won't do it to you?
Mat: I don't wash my hands after the toilet!
Heather: Oh! To late!
Mat: Maybe there's a way we can get back in his good books?!
Heather: Yeah maybe he will even let us be in Skywire 3!
Mat: Sweet! That would be cool!
Heather: Oh Mat your the best artist in the world..
Mat: Yeah you should make games for consoles or something.
Heather: Ok don't ham it up to much!
Mat: Hang are we saying this or him?
Heather: Dunno?
Mat: He must be running out of things to say by now!
Heather: I recon so he can't spout that much rubbish for long.
Mat: Ok then we better end here.
Heather: That's all folks!!
Mat: Go!
Heather: Really this time...
Heather: Honestly there's no more...
Mat: I don't know why you keep looking.
Heather: There's only so long we can spend saying stuff.
Mat: Turn the game of now!
Heather: Move away from the screen...
Mat: It has to end at some point...
Heather: ... Or we have to loop back to the start!
Mat: Yeah!
Heather: Is that what you want?
Mat: Ok then you asked for it!
Heather: Ladies and Gentlemen...
Mat: No not that start!
Heather: Oh the start of the end?
Mat: Yes!
Heather: Well why didn't you say?
Mat: ...
Skywire VIP E

Skywire VIP E

The ending of Skywire VIP


  • At the end of the game, Mat and Heather mention Skywire 3. However, in the blog post for the game Heather mentions that they have not got around to making a Skywire 3. This is similar to the end of Mutiny where one of the Cabin Boys mention a Sequel to Mutiny, which there is not, or at least hasn't been yet (maybe Heather refers Skywire 3 as Skywire VIP Shuffle).
  • Although the game is listed as a Main Game, the gameplay is very mini-game like.
  • Skywire VIP and Skywire VIP Extended are the only Main Games that don't save the player's progress.
  • Will Smith makes his first appearance in the Skywire series in the "Will Smith" level.

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